Book Review: Jonathan and the Giant Eagle by Danny Christopher

Publication date: June 8, 2021

Jonathan’s parents have decided to let Jonathan choose a pet. They are not prepared for his choice—a giant eagle. (Is that even legal?)

Jonathan recounts his new experiences with this unique and astonishing pet. A mythical giant eagle doesn’t fit easily into everyday life, but there are some advantages to having such a creature by your side. Ultimately, Jonathan comes to the difficult decision that his new friend must be set free.

With rhyming text and a humorous and lighthearted tone, this book is meant to be read aloud.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

What a fun book! When Jonathan is told by his parents that he can have a pet, he chooses a giant eagle. They have fun together, but Jonathan eventually learns on his own that his eagle needs more space and freedom, so he lets him go.

Jonathan and the Giant Eagle encourages children to use their imaginations. It is meant to read aloud, which makes sense because the text is rhyming, and the illustrations are bright and colorful and big enough to read the book to a whole class. They’re also quite detailed!

This is definitely a book I recommend to read to young children. I’m looking forward to getting a copy to read to my grandchildren.

About the Author

Danny Christopher is a Canadian illustrator and art teacher. He has travelled throughout the Canadian Arctic as an instructor for Nunavut Arctic College. He is the illustrator of The Legend of the FogA Children’s Guide to Arctic Birds, and Animals Illustrated: Polar Bear, and author of Putuguq and Kublu. His work on The Legend of the Fog was nominated for the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustration Award. He lives in Toronto with his wife, four children, and a puppy.

Book Review: Fly Away Free by Anne Turner Coppola


644add66-e90c-4f31-9050-df73b7e1750dTitle: Fly Away Free
Author: Anne Turner Coppola
Publisher: Xlibris
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Format: Ebook

The story begins when Tessie Farrell, an older woman living in South Florida, is walking her dog and rescues a baby osprey whose parents are killed by three young boys raiding the osprey’s nest to steal the baby ospreys. Taking the rescued baby osprey home, Tessie contacts the police to report what happened. After caring and feeding the baby osprey and building a cage for the bird, Tessie finds herself exhausted. Lying down to rest, Tessie is transported back in time, when she was a ten-year-old girl living with her parents on a dairy farm in northern New York. Devastated to learn that she is adopted, Tessie is taunted by her classmates as she struggles to understand why she was unwanted by her biological parents. In her isolation from children her own age, she creates her own fantasy world with the help of Dolly, a horse that is boarded at the farm and whom Tessie adopts as her pet horse, and two pet geese, raised and nurtured by Tessie as hatchlings. While Tessie roams her fantasy world with Dolly, she meets and befriends an older woman, Maudie, who will play a very important role in helping Tessie find herself as she learns to accept who she is and to find acceptance by those around her. This is a story of courage, self-discovery, and love, and a young girl’s struggle to overcome the pain of being adopted.


My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

Fly Away Free is an interesting story about the memories Tessie has when she rescues a baby osprey after its parents were killed by some teens. She remembers the time when she was a child and she raised two geese after their parents disappeared. 

When Tessie was seven, she was told that she was adopted and it changed her outlook on life. Her parents tried to explain that she was special because they chose her out of all of the babies that were adopted but it didn’t change her mind. She isolated herself from other children because she thought she was different. I’m sure some children feel the way Tessie did but it was hard for me to relate to because my mom was adopted and her parents were always open about it and it didn’t bother her. She was never curious about her biological parents because her adoptive parents were the ones who loved and raised her.

Tessie learned many lessons along the way. Taking care of the goslings and learning all about them for a science project was a lot of work but she persevered. As she fell in love with her geese, she learned that love is more important than blood. She also learned how to forgive, which can be difficult for all of us. 

Fly Away Free is a quick and interesting read that readers of any age would enjoy.


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