So Many Books!

tumblr_me9w8uM73X1qfeom9o1_500I went to a couple big book sales this past weekend and bought a few hundred books. They’re mostly books that will sell in the store rather than online. Then I got a phone call yesterday from a lady who wanted to sell me some books rather than putting them in a garage sale she’s having next week. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse: 6 big boxes of books for $25. A few of them were common ones that I didn’t really care about but there are some good hardcovers by Dean Koontz, Nicholas Sparks, and a few other popular authors. Later in the day I received a phone call from another lady whom I’d made an offer to on some books a month or so ago and she decided to take my offer. Today, I had a couple bring in a bunch of current textbooks that I had to buy. I buy books all the time and I’ve always got a lot of books to go through to put online and get out on the shelves but all of a sudden I’m a bit overwhelmed! My office can’t take one more box!

After we lost our store in the tornado in May 2011, in which I had over 100,000 books, I told my husband I was going to be pickier about the books I bought and I wouldn’t have as many in the new store. I kept half that promise: I am being pickier about my purchases; but it is so difficult to keep the books from multiplying! I just can’t pass up a good deal! I’m drowning in books! I’m not complaining, though. I love what I do!