Book Review: Cleo Can Tie a Bow by Sybrina Durant

Author: Sybrina Durant
Publisher: Sybrina Publishing
Pages: 38
Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Cleo can tie a bow. She learned what she knows from a rabbit and a fox. They can teach your child how to tie a bow, too. This fun picture book is intended to be a family bonding parent-child activity. It’s a great way to learn to tie shoelaces.


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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Cleo loves bows! She has them in her hair, clothes, shoes, bedroom, and anywhere else she can think of! Cleo Can Tie a Bow is not only about Cleo, but it tells another story about a rabbit and a fox. This is the story that helps Cleo remember how to tie a bow: the fox ties the rabbit’s ears in a bow because the poor rabbit has ears that are so long they drag on the ground!

After the story about the fox and the rabbit, tying a bow is explained step by step so that children can practice along. It is suggested to parents that they read the story with their kids so that they can help them learn to tie a bow which I think is an excellent suggestion!

The story is cute, and the illustrations are bright and colorful. The Cleo pictures are a little too pink for my taste, but I have all boys so that could be the reason! I definitely recommend Cleo can Tie a Bow especially for parents are working to teach children how to tie their shoelaces.


Cleo Can Tie A Bow: A Rabbit and Fox Story is an educational picture book for children written by Sybrina Durant and illustrated by Pumudi Gardiyawasam. Cleo loves bows! All of her shoes have bows, and she always has a bow in her hair. If you look at her dress, you’ll notice that it has a bow and a sash around her waist. Even her fingernails are decorated with little bows. And her bedroom? Yes, you guessed it. There are bows everywhere — on the bed, on the curtains over her windows; even her stuffed bunny’s ears are tied into a bow. Cleo learned all about tying bows from a story about a rabbit with very long, droopy ears and the friendly fox who had the perfect solution.

Sybrina Durant’s Cleo Can Tie A Bow: A Rabbit and Fox Story is two stories within a story. Children are introduced to Cleo who then introduces the story about how she learned to tie a bow. In her introduction to the book, Durant recommends that parents share the story with their children, so they can learn to tie a bow along with Cleo. She suggests using long ribbons to simulate the fox’s moves or shoelaces. Both stories are engaging and fun to read, and the instructions given by the fox work quite well. I was pleased to note the author cautions that, despite the storyline, one must never practice bow tying moves on a real bunny. Pumudi Gardiyawasam’s colorful and fun illustrations work quite well with the story, and the profusion of bows on Cleo’s wardrobe, room, and bunny will entice young readers to try their own hands at tying a bow. The author also provides a link for a video version and the “Cleo can tie a bow song.” Cleo Can Tie A Bow: A Rabbit and Fox Story is highly recommended.

–Readers Favorite

About the Author

Sybrina Durant is the author of The Rabbit and The Fox Learn To Tie Series of Books which include Learn To Tie A Neck Tie With The Rabbit and the Fox in English, Spanish and Tagalog; Ned Can Knot A Neck Tie; Nellie Can Knot A Neck Scarf and the newest addition, Cleo Can Tie  A Bow. She also the author of The Blue Unicorn Series of books and has an online book store which features, unicorns, rabbits, foxes, and how to tie books plus gift items related to those things plus lots of bow-themed gifts.






New Release

The misadventures of a very spirited, very real little black cocker spaniel.  When he is left home one day, playful misbehaviour and mayhem ensues.

A jolly picture book for pre-schoolers, detailing the funny escapades of a mischievous dog named Gatsby. The entertaining illustrations in the book are depictions of the shenanigans as they actually happened.

About the Author:

Georgina Fallstrom is the mother of two playful little boys, and owner of a rambunctious spaniel. She finds the time to write books for preschoolers between picking up half-chewed toys (sometimes children’s, sometimes dog’s), and singing “the wheels on the bus” for the 78th time that day. She lives in the leafy suburbs of Hampton Court, where her long-suffering husband, Max, has been forced into owning his first pair of wellies and brushing up on his knowledge of all things Henry VIII. Georgina used to be proud owner of an extensive shoe collection, but now has an impressive assortment of only left or only right shoes, the rest having been torn to shreds by a certain canine. She actually wanted a Labrador, but there you go.

Amazon Reviews of this book:


5.0 out of 5 stars  Joyful and uplifting

5 December 2020

I bought this book for my great grandchildren and they love it. It is a joyous romp through Gatsby’s naughty yet endearing mischievousness. The pictures are extraordinarily good in how they simultaneously capture his feelings of guilt while he still implores for forgiveness. The final line of the book along with the last photo opposite is achingly heart-warming.


5.0 out of 5 stars  Beautiful book, thoughtfully made

5 December 2020

I recently bought this beautiful book for my 2 year old dog obsessed daughter, she loves it so much, we read it several times a day! She loves the cheeky pictures and the questions make each read a little varied, which is a great thing for any parent who reads the same books on regular rotation. I would absolutely recommend to any and all puppy loving inquisitive little people.

claudette eldridge

5.0 out of 5 stars What a gorgeous book with a delightful story, wonderful pictures and the most endearing do

5 December 2020

I bought this for my grandson….
He just ADORED the book!
I had to read it again and again and he was learning the vocabulary too!
Such a delightful story with wonderful pictures.
I can’t recommend highly enough.

“Gatsby Stays at Home” by Georgina Fallstrom is currently available in paperback from Amazon.

Press/Media Contact Details:

Grosvenor House Publishing
Tel. 0208 339 6060

New Releases

Orion’s Messenger

Schoolboy Alex is transported to a magical island faraway and thus begins the adventure of a lifetime

A dull, wet school holiday which has been so disappointing, is drawing to a close for Alex. All this changes when an unexpected visit to the Great Museum of History with his eccentric aunt sets off a fantastic chain of events. Alex finds himself transported to a fantasy place called Blue Sky Island, in the midst of talking creatures, a kindly wizard and a magnificent golden eagle called Orion, as the legacy of The Magic Orb is revealed.

Pitted against the dastardly schemes of The Grizzly Grumpot, find out what happens to Alex and his new friends when you step into this colourful world of adventure, mystery… and spells that don’t always work!

About the Author:

Antonia de Winter is a children’s author, poet and songwriter. She lives in northwest London with her husband. She has been surrounded by colour all her life, having been involved in the family’s soft furnishing and interior design business in Notting Hill. Antonia has two married children and four grandchildren. She enjoys swimming, walking, narrow boating and taking photos, particularly of family and the changing seasons. Her dream would be to once again take a skidoo across the frozen wastes of Lapland, which is an awe-inspiring experience!

Orion’s Messenger lay on the back burner for over 30 years, waiting to be published – whilst all the above took priority. However, it is never too late to print a magical story which will let children’s imagination fly – and so, finally, here it is…

Antonia is currently working on the sequel to Orion’s Messenger and on a collection of poetry to be published in the near future.

The colourful characters and all the illustrations in Orion’s Messenger are brought to life by talented artist Daniel T. Sullivan.

Excerpt from the book:

The room was in dark shadows once more.

“I must be seeing things,” whispered Alex under his breath.

“I’ve been calling you for such a long time,” said the Voice.

There was another flash of lightening, this time with a loud clap of thunder. It nearly made Alex jump out of his skin!

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Is it really you?” he gasped.

“Oh yes, I assure you I am quite real,” said the Voice.

Alex was shaking as he stuttered, “I – I – I don’t understand…”

“Come closer Alex,” said the Voice.

Alex took two hesitant steps forward. Another flash of lightening lit up the loft brilliantly. Alex’s eyes became as big as saucers for there, perched on the back of the old dining chair, was an enormous bird.

“Who, who … who are you?” he asked, but he knew the answer already. 

“Orion’s Messenger”by Antonia de Winter is available in hardback from the Book Depository at:

This book is currently available in paperback from:

It can also be downloaded in e-book format from Amazon at:

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Grosvenor House Publishing
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Margaret Beaufort of Bourne, Collyweston, Maxey and Deeping: The Tudor Dynasty

Exceptional biography about the mother of Henry VII who had a profound impact on English history

An amazing woman from Bourne, Collyweston and Maxey who had a profound impact on history but has been virtually forgotten in our Lincolnshire locality.

Read tales of her survival from the traumatic birth of her son (Henry VII) when aged only thirteen, her ever-changing fortunes in the Wars of the Roses, being condemned as a traitor by Richard III and her eventual triumph, which saw her become the matriarch of the Tudor dynasty.

As the only blood link from the Normans to our present Royal Family, her legacy through her symbols and academia is still far-reaching today.

About the Author:

Margaret has always had a deep love of her hometown of Bourne. She can trace her paternal ancestry back to the 1660s in the Bourne Abbey registers. She attended at the Bourne Abbey Primary School and was later educated at Bourne Grammar School; it was here that her interest in history began, with her history teachers, J. D. Birkbeck and his wife, Margaret.

Margaret’s husband, Ken, also a teacher at the ‘Robert Manning School’ is keen to preserve the heritage of Bourne and is in the latter stages of constructing a model railway of Bourne Station that will soon be ready for exhibition.

Both would admit that their main hobby now is singing, being members and soloists in ‘Stamford Gilbert and Sullivan Players’ and the ‘Stamford Singers Concert Party’. They are members of the ‘Bourne Abbey Choir’ and perform in their own entertainment group, ‘Tinderbox’.

Having become fascinated with the life and achievements of Margaret Beaufort and seeing her as one of the most influential women in history, Margaret was confused as to why little to no mention has ever been made linking her to their local area, and in particular, Bourne. She hopes this biography will help rectify this and give the mother of the Tudor dynasty the recognition she deserves.

Excerpt from the book:

“Margaret’s life was a roller coaster of wealth and poverty, stability and frantic disaster.  So many of her family were either killed in battle, executed or, like her father, had committed suicide.  Throughout all this, Margaret had to steer a course of diplomacy and humility in order to survive but at the same time had to keep her strong resolve and courage.  What an achievement then in her finest hour, to see her son crowned on the battlefield by non-other than her husband Thomas Stanley.

Margaret’s family always had to face the fact that their line was illegitimate.  John of Gaunt produced his line of Beauforts whilst still married to his first wife, even though he did eventually marry his mistress, Katherine Swynford.  Richard II, John of Gaunt’s nephew, did legitimise them but with the proviso that no-one in their line of descendants could ever have a claim to the throne.  Margaret would know this and must have wondered when this question of Henry VII’s legitimacy could rear up and deprive him of the throne she had fought so hard to gain for him.

The character of Margaret cannot be fully explained without an examination of her part in the Wars of the Roses.”

“Margaret Beaufort of Bourne, Collyweston, Maxey and Deeping: The Tudor Dynasty” by Margaret Wainwright is available in hardback from Amazon at:

Press/Media Contact Details:

Grosvenor House Publishing
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Book Review: The Grumpy Panda Fixes His Smile by Felicia Richards

Has your child ever got angry or grumpy about little things that are not worth paying attention to?

What a bad luck!

The same thing happened to Andy the panda! All-day was spoiled because his favorite toy car broke down.

Now, not only the toy car is ruined, but also Andy’s mood. His parents are also upset because their son is angry!

What to do now?

Andy found a way out of the situation, and his beloved and wise grandma helped him in this.


My Review

Andy, a young panda, was having a rough day. He lost the wheel to his favorite toy car behind a cabinet. That made him mad which only made things worse. When his family goes to his grandma’s house, Andy is still in a bad mood, but she knew exactly what to do. She helped Andy to solve his problem which made him happy, and he learned that getting angry doesn’t solve anything.

This story is well written and has illustrations with vibrant colors that will keep children’s attention. It’s one young children will love and it has a good message as well!

About the Author

Felicia Richards is a children’s author who has loved to write since her youth. However, Felicia was motivated to write her own book because she couldn’t find a suitable book for her child. Everything she read, she wanted to change and bring to the ideal. Then it was decided to make her own book and put into it everything that she wanted to tell her child about through a children’s story. The book impressed not only her own son Michael but also the children of Felicia’s friends. Therefore, Richards decided to do it professionally and began publishing her own books to a wide audience.

Book Review: Have no Fear, a Friend is Near by Felicia Richards

Don’t be afraid of the under-bed monster – you can make friends with him!

Is your child afraid of monsters under the bed? Then the adorable Zeek will come to kid aid!

The fluffy hero will become a friend for every child! Your kid will understand that there is nothing to be afraid of, because fear lives only in our head. In fact, all the worst that we fancy is just a good imagination that needs to be developed in the creative field.

This book of feelings reveals one of the sides of children’s emotions. Thanks to the colorful illustrations, the kids will see that all our fears are greatly exaggerated in our imaginations.

To understand this, the child needs to decide to look fear in the eye – then everything will stand into place. The kid will understand that there is nothing to be afraid of.


My Review

Have no Fear, a Friend is Near is an adorable book about a boy who knows there is a monster under his bed and he’s scared of it. Zeek, the monster under his bed, is scared of the boy on the bed! They both learn that there’s nothing to be afraid of except the unknown.

This story is well written and beautifully illustrated. It’s one young children will love and it has a good message as well!

About the Author

Felicia Richards is a children’s author who has loved to write since her youth. However, Felicia was motivated to write her own book because she couldn’t find a suitable book for her child. Everything she read, she wanted to change and bring to the ideal. Then it was decided to make her own book and put into it everything that she wanted to tell her child about through a children’s story. The book impressed not only her own son Michael but also the children of Felicia’s friends. Therefore, Richards decided to do it professionally and began publishing her own books to a wide audience.

New Releases


This book is intended for anyone who has been, or is being, made redundant.

It explains how redundancy is a natural process in today’s modern world, and nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.

It gives practical, sage advice on how to approach redundancy, and how to put it in proportion and perspective.

Written in a readable, flowing and pithy style, this book provides peace of mind and explains how redundancy is not something to be feared, but a true lifetime, golden opportunity.

About the Author:

Paul Williams is a consultant, author and speaker, specialising in organisational culture, transition management, team dynamics, individual behaviour and collaborative working.

His disarmingly readable style marks him out as a uniquely effective author, willing to address the issues concerned with people, and building high performance teams.  Using his inimitable, pithy style he has tackled the thorny subject of redundancy in a succinct, readable and empathetic way.

Excerpt from the book:

“Being made redundant can come as a terrible shock, and be seen as an almost fatal personal blow.  It can set loose a tide of despair which, if left unarrested, can result in a self-fulfilling prophecy of personal failure.

It needn’t be like that!

This short book has been written for those who are facing the threat of redundancy, those who have been made redundant, or indeed anyone – be it a friend, family member, colleague or manager – who know someone who is facing what they will perceive as a daunting process.

Hopefully reading this book will help everyone to realise that redundancy should not be the harbinger of personal failure, but be perceived as a real and genuine golden opportunity.”

Review on Amazon for this book:

Wordly Traveller

5.0 out of 5 stars  Change is good

27 November 2020

“With the coronavirus lockdown and unemployment increasing in general, it’s a difficult time for many of us. What I particularly like about this book is it’s written in a colloquial way which makes the advice provided really easy to understand and follow. The author has many years of business experience and shares his commercial expertise by encouraging us to see being made redundant as an opportunity for change and personal growth, which is a good thing and not something to be feared or loathed.

They say the measure of a person is how they deal with change and move forward. This book guides us on how to do so.

If you’re facing redundancy, pick up this book and give it a read. It’ll help you realise the opportunity that change provides, both in term of understanding the possibilities and fulfilling your potential.”

“Redundancy:  A Golden Opportunity”by Paul Williams is available in hardback from Amazon at:

This book is also available to download in e-book format from:

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Grosvenor House Publishing
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Abigail Bear – The Lockdown

Abigail is a little bear – with a big love of dance. She loves to dance with her friends at Madame Swan’s dance school, and she really enjoys telling her class all about it at school.

So, what will happen when both her dance class and her school must close suddenly, without warning? Will Abigail ever get used to the new normal?

A heart-warming story of hope and resilience – even in the toughest of times.

About the Author:

Shona Stringer is a Mum to three children (Abigail, Toby & Jude), and a Dance Teacher/Principal of ZEST Dance Studios in Leeds.

During lockdown#1 2020, Shona decided to write a short story for her younger students, as it was becoming apparent many were struggling with the confusion of their newly-imposed normal. They were missing their friends & family as well as missing their school and dance lessons.

Abigail Bear is the dance studio mascot and has been loved for many years by generations of dancers. Shona hopes now that Abigail can bring more joy and happiness to children far and wide.

Excerpt from the book:

“She went to her bedroom, lay on her bed, and thought about what Mummy Bear had said.  She didn’t really want a new normal; she was quite happy with her old normal, so why did things have to change?

She turned over to look at the photographs next to her – all of Abigail in her sparkly costumes and tutus.  She missed her dancing friends, too.”

“Abigail Bear – The Lockdown”by Shona Stringer is available in paperback from Book Depository and Amazon at:

Press/Media Contact Details:

Grosvenor House Publishing
Tel. 0208 339 6060

Book Review: Philippa and the Homeless Bumblebee by David Greaves

One day a happy bumblebee has her world turned upside down when her beloved meadow home is destroyed. But to her delight, a brave child comes to her rescue. Philippa and the homeless bee embark on an exciting adventure together. Where will their journey take them?

Philippa and the Homeless Bumblebee offers young readers an important reminder about the beauty, fragility and vulnerability of the natural world around us.

When The Homeless Bumblebee and Me was first published by Friends of the Earth in 2015,  David Greaves’ and Danielle Callaghan’s heartwarming ecological fable quickly established itself as a firm favourite in many homes throughout the UK. Republished now by Stanage Press Ltd. in a new and updated edition, Philippa and the Homeless Bumblebee continues to support Friends of the Earth’s vital environmental campaigning work: £1 of every copy sold will be donated to Friends of the Earth.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Philippa and the Homeless Bumblebee is about a happy bumblebee who suddenly loses her home when humans destroy her meadow. We’re taken on a journey as the bumblebee and her new friend, Philippa, search for a new home. It’s not as easy as it sounds. With humans disturbing so much of the environment, every time they think they’ve found a home, there’s a problem. As it gets dark, they begin to wonder if they’ll ever find a new home for the bumblebee.

This book not only points out the impact that we have on our environment, but it is a great introduction to children about bees. It would be easy to explain the importance of bees after reading about the homeless bumblebee. With the rhyming text and the beautiful illustrations, it will be a favorite.

Philippa and the Homeless Bumblebee is a children’s story that adults would enjoy reading to children, and it has a lesson. What more could you want? I look forward to reading it to my grandchildren.

About the Author

Born in Yorkshire in 1985, David Greaves’ kindness and generosity of spirit, and his love of travel and adventure led David to make friends around the world with people from all walks of life.

The stamina and strength of character demonstrated by David’s achievements as an ultra-marathon runner and Iron Man triathlete were also shown by his determination to complete a wonderful collection of children’s stories in verse, while living with the cruel limitations imposed by Motor Neurone Disease (ALS), diagnosed shortly after David’s thirtieth birthday in June 2015.

In September 2015 David married the love of his life, Philippa. They climbed Mt Kilimanjaro together, raising over £12,000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, then travelled widely in East Africa before settling in Newcastle upon Tyne. As MND progressively deprived David of the use of his hands, and then the power of speech, he finished his collection of stories for children’s using revolutionary computer software that allowed him to communicate by tracking and translating into readable text the movement of his eyes. David passed away peacefully at home in September 2016. David’s wife Philippa and his family intend to honour David Greaves’ outstanding gifts as a children’s author by eventually publishing all David’s completed works.

Book Review: The Only Book a Kid Needs to Read About Coronavirus Ever by Dr. SG Jack

The crazy coronavirus has been causing chaos around the world! It’s changed everything and created so much confusion. Want to know more than your teachers, parents or even the President about coronavirus? Let’s uncover all the important truths, without skimping on the revolting details, that Disgusting Doctors love!


About the Disgusting Doctors series: This is hopefully the first book of many in the Disgusting Doctors series. The next book is titled “Ten Terrible Ideas Doctors Used to Think Were Wonderful”. The underlying ethos behind Disgusting Doctors is to ignite a curiosity about health and the human body at a young age. We believe with an early understanding of health we can reduce the burden of illness in later life. We feel this is a more effective way to practice medicine, focusing on prevention as opposed to cure. The plan is to have a range of books tackling all aspects of health, mind and body.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

If children have questions about Covid 19, this is the book to get. It explains everything in detail that children can understand, with a bit of humor here and there. A good example (and my favorite) is how the importance of facemasks is explained:

Kids will love the analogy and it makes the necessity of wearing masks super simple!

Along with learning about the coronavirus, Covid 19, stopping the spread of the virus, and treatments, every once in a while there is additional information under the titles “Did You Know,” “Extra Facts for Brainiacs,” and “Leadership.” One of the things that I found interesting under a “Did You Know” was that TV shows that are set in hospitals had a lot of masks and gowns used as stage props. The donated these to local hospitals during the pandemic. How great is that?!

If you have a child who is wanting answers to questions about the pandemic, this is a good book to get. It’s also a good read for adults because it’s based on fact, and we all know that we don’t know what we can believe on the internet.

About the Authors

Book Review & Giveaway: Abracadabra Whoopsie by Adam Kargman

Book Title:  Abracadabra Whoopsie by Adam Kargman
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  40 pages
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:  Mascot Books
Release date:   April 2019
Format available for review:  print (USA), pdf
Tour dates: Dec 2 to Dec 22, 2020
Content Rating:  G for everyone

When Jordy discovers a magic wand, he learns he can do just that. Whenever he wants some peace and quiet, all he has to do is say “ABRACADABRA WHOOPSIE,” and . . .POOF! His little sister Keeka vanishes. When he’s ready for her to come back, he simply says it reversed: “WHOOPSIE ABRACADABRA.” What could possibly go wrong?

Buy the Book ~ Mascot
B&N ~ Books-A-Million ~ Walmart

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I love this silly book! As the oldest child, I understand Jordy’s frustration with his little sister and wanting her to disappear. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could use a magic stick once in a while to make someone disappear?

Of course, Jordy is in heaven being able to poof his sister away whenever he gets frustrated or annoyed. But what if she disappears forever? He realizes that he loves his sister and would miss her. It’s a good lesson for children to learn. What an amazing gift this would be for a child who has just become an older brother or sister!

The text is easy to read, although children might need help with a few of the longer words the first time as well as one of the names. The illustrations are beautiful, bright and colorful.

About the Author

Adam Kargman lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and their two children. He was inspired to write Abracadabra Whoopsie after witnessing the sibling rivalry between his kids, which led him to wonder what would really happen if one sibling’s dream to make the other one vanish came true.

Connect with the Author: facebook  ~ instagramgoodreads



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New Releases


During the Festival of Death in Rome, four American art students go missing. One of the students is eventually found dead, horribly mutilated as if by wild beasts inside the Colosseum.

One year later, Nick Thorn is sent by the New Sanctuary to help the father of one of the missing students, a desperate man who is still looking for his daughter.

The New Sanctuary believes that Thorn has a psychic ability, a ‘special gift’ that could help him; Thorn however has always denied such a thing, claiming it to be pure nonsense and probably the product of an overactive imagination instigated by his drinking problem.

Shortly after Thorn arrives in Rome, the Festival of Death begins again and another of the missing students is gruesomely murdered. It is now a race against time to find the other two.

Can Thorn find and save the remaining two students or will Mania the Roman Goddess of Death succeed in devouring their souls and satisfy the blood lust of her followers?

“Richard Valanga writes about the Afterlife like nobody else today, he’s the 21st-century Dante of the North.” – Tony Barrell, The Sunday Times

“The author’s talent for writing engaging tales of the paranormal is second to none.”   

“The author Richard Valanga writes like a poet and has a brilliant and impressive imagination to match.”

About the Author

Richard Valanga has penned six paranormal fantasy novels previously including:

The Wrong Reality

Blind Vision

The Complex Trilogy (Complex Heaven, Complex Hell, Complex Shadows)

The Sunderland Vampire

These are some of the reviews Richard Valanga has received on Amazon with respect to his writing:

First for Blind Vision…
5 out of 5
Blindingly good book

This, the second book by Richard Valanga, I have read and it’s even better than his first, Complex Heaven. If, like me, you enjoy fantasy novels that you can’t put down then this author is for you.

The second is for Complex Heaven…
5 out of 5
Complex and gripping.

I read this book in two sittings, very difficult to put it down. The characters are well developed and the plot twists and turns as it snakes to a dramatic conclusion. I heard through the grapevine that there is a sequel coming soon, it can’t be too soon for me.

“Colosseum” by Richard Valangais available to purchase in paperback from at:

Press/Media Contact Details:

New Generation Publishing
Tel. 01234 712 064


Joshua Piecrust and His Alphabet of Rhymes

Do you like rhymes? I’ll bet you do – the sillier the better, too!

Joshua Piecrust’s Alphabet’s about as dotty as it gets! For here you might meet anything: hamsters dance, bananas sing; a courteous dragon (and it’s simply chilling what became of him!) An octopus? Well, count the legs! Find out where elephants lay their eggs!

Piecrust’s left some gaps for you to play at writing nonsense, too.

Grown-ups might want this book on loan: advise them, “Go and buy your own!” or else keep very careful track in case you never get it back!

About the Author:

In his time, Richard Evans has been an art student, has run a hostel for homeless men, slogged his way through 30 more-or-less overcast years of pen-pushing in an office, and now with inexpressible relief basks in the sunshine of retirement.

When not fully engaged in pottering harmlessly about, he writes nonsense in various forms, pretends to be a wood-carver, and meditates twice every day. Richard is the father of the internationally-known singer-songwriter, Emi Evans, and he lives with his Japanese wife in an old cottage in rural Dorset.

Excerpt from the book:

C    ….is for Camels

Camels are humpy and lumpy and grumpy
and look on the world with disdain.
They sing in the bath if there’s nobody near
with a voice like a stomach in pain.

It’s pretty unwise to invite one to dinner
(that is, if you’ll take my advice).
They chew sideways, I fear, without closing their mouths
which is not, let’s be frank, very nice.

They have too many elbows and too many knees;
when they sit or lie down, without fail
they collapse in instalments with all of the grace
of a deck-chair confronting a gale,
while maintaining that same supercilious sneer 
(a small but distressing detail).

Some camels have one hump and some have a pair –
why not add a few more at your leisure?
Arranged fore-and-aft or perhaps side-by-side,
with a head at each end for good measure.

Though their faces and figures give cause for concern,
though their manner lacks polish and fizz,
camels’ hearts are undoubtedly In The Right Place –
except we’re not sure where that is.

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