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29 Oct

Ten of the 50 literary benches that the National Literary Trust and Wild in Art have put up all over London to celebrate reading.19a3af8f12abbc01d02ae25fd2c521a4via


50 Book Spoilers in 4 Minutes

12 Apr

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Classic Brooches

12 Apr

These are so cute! You can find more here.

Fun Facts About Children’s Classics

20 Dec

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Review and more: For the Term of His Natural Life by Marcus Clarke

26 Sep


9-23-2013 10-15-13 AMTitle: For the Term of His Natural Life

Author: Marcus Clarke

Genre:  Classic/Historical Fiction

Publication Date:  1874

Description: **Warning** Contains Spoilers

The story starts with the tale of young British aristocrat, Richard Devine, who is the son of a shipbuilding magnate, Sir Richard Devine. In an incidence of domestic violence, Richard’s mother reveals to Sir Richard that his son was fathered by another man, Lord Bellasis. Sir Richard proceeds to threaten the mother’s reputation if Richard does not leave and never come back. When Richard leaves, he comes across a murder scene: his biological father, Lord Bellasis has been murdered, and Richard witnesses Sir Richard walking away from the scene of the crime. The police come and lock up Richard, who now gives his name as Rufus Dawes (which is used for the remainder of the book), for the murder of Lord Bellasis. Rufus is found not guilty of the murder but guilty of the robbery of the corpse and sentenced to transportation to the penal colony of Australia. Continue reading

3000 Classic Books

3 Aug

8-3-2013 10-20-44 AM3000 classic books are on this USB. You can find it here.

Classic Book Pendants

26 May


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