Book Review: Horses! A Coloring & Activity Book for Kids by Valeria Deneen

Giddy up! And get started on these awesome horse activities

Saddle up for an activity book of over 60 pages full of coloring and games about horses for kids ages 4–8. Children can use their imaginations to bring the horse pictures to life with their favorite colors. Gallop through mazes, connect-the-dots, and more―there are interesting facts about horses for kids at every turn. Fun is waiting, so come along for a ride!

This coloring book of horses for kids includes:

  • Blue ribbon breeds―Learn about all kinds of breeds, from strong Belgian draft horses for heavy farm work to little Caspians for kids to ride.
  • Leaping into action―See all the different jobs and activities horses can do. For instance, miniature horses can be service animals for people with disabilities!
  • Activities galore―Jump into a variety of activities about horses for kids: mazes, dot-to-dots, word searches, spot-the-difference, and plenty of pages to color.

With tons of activities about horses for kids, this book will provide hours of fun for any horse-crazy child!


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from Callisto Publishers. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Horses! is a book for children 4-8 years old. It not only has activities and many opportunities to color, but most pages have an interesting tidbit about horses. For example, on one coloring page of a horse that won the Kentucky Derby: “The Kentucky Derby is a famous horse race. It’s also called the Run for the Roses because the winner gets a blanket made of red roses!”

This activity and coloring book can be a source of hours of fun for children and they might even learn something while they’re having fun.

About the Author

Valerie Deneen is the founder of where she writes about what to do with kids, creative play for all ages, parenting tips & tricks, learning & educational activities for kids, craft ideas for tweens & school-aged children, and gardening with kids. Valerie is a speaker, creative play advocate, brand ambassador, television personality, and active Rotarian. Her work has been featured in Highlights High Five, Family Fun Magazine, PBS Parents, various morning talk shows, and several online publications. For creative play ideas sent directly to your inbox, visit Valerie’s blog at and subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

Book Review: The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie by Krista Brock

The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie is a bedtime story that follows the main character, Calvin, on an adventure into the night with his favorite stuffed animal, Ollie, the owl. They play hide and seek, climb trees, count stars, and have a couple encounters with other animals in the night forest.The story has been written, but the illustrations are incomplete. Young readers are presented with a backdrop for their own visual imagination. They get to draw Calvin and Ollie (and other nocturnal critters) themselves. 

The hope is that children will enjoy the experience of engaging in the story and having their own keepsake book for which they were the illustrator. In addition to enjoying the experience, drawing is known to support reading comprehension by pushing children to visualize what they are reading and understand it more fully. 

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This is a cute story about Calvin and his owl friend, Ollie. Calvin isn’t ready to go to sleep so they go exploring outside all night. When the sun starts to come up, it’s time for Ollie to go to sleep but now he’s not ready!

The unique thing about The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie is that each page has an illustrated background, and the reader can add any illustrations from more background to Calvin and Ollie. What a fun way to encourage creativity in children!

About the Author

Krista Brock has 11 years of experience as a professional writer and editor, six and a half years of experience as a mother, and nearly a lifetime of experience dabbling in the arts. She has Bachelor’s degrees in both journalism and art and has served as managing editor of two magazines and as a contributing writer to many more. She recently decided to combine all her experiences to create a new kind of picture book for creative children, one that allows children to enjoy the journey of reading with the joy of creating. Her debut picture book, The Nighttime Adventures of Calvin and Ollie is an illustrate-it-yourself adventure. 

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Book Review: Coloring Books for Kids & Toddlers

This book makes a nice gift for ages 3 to 5 years.
63 coloring pages in total, on single side pages.
•Each image is printed on a separate page to prevent bleed-through.
•Children’s artists have hand-drawn unique illustrations that are beautiful and fun.



My Review

I chose to review this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This is a great coloring book for youngsters. The stated age is for 3-5 years, and I think that is spot on. Some of the pictures to color are simplistic for younger children and some are a little more complex for children a little older. Examples:






The back of each picture is blank so that colors won’t bleed through onto other pictures but it also allows pages to be torn out and displayed places such as the refrigerator…or maybe even sent to loved ones who don’t live close. 

If you’re looking for a fun coloring book for a toddler or young child, this would be a good one. It has a range of pictures to color from Christmas to summertime and from animals to flowers.




Book Review: Famous Cars & Trucks Coloring Book by Mila Ryan

If your kids love all sorts of interesting cars and are into coloring then this coloring book is for you! The coloring book for kids from the age of 2 to 8 (toddlers and preschoolers) and for both boys and girls.

In this coloring book there are one of the best cars and trucks for you and your kid to spend an interesting time or even let them enjoy it by themselves.

In this coloring book you will meet with one of the coolest cars and trucks for you and your kids to spend a colorful and wonderful time or even let them enjoy it by themselves.

In COLORING BOOK Famous Cars and Trucks there are important tools to prepare your child in the early years.

As well as being your child’s favorite occupation it can improve the way he or she holds a pencil, which leads to better handwriting but not only that, your child’s imagination will expand as well motor skills, stimulation, color awareness and etc.




My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This coloring book has some cool cars and trucks that young children would enjoy coloring. I think having one or two word descriptions on each picture would make it even more interesting, as well as a learning tool. I like that there is a blank page between each picture to color so that children can color or write their own pictures or ideas.



About the Author

Hello everyone,
My name is Mila Ryan. I’ve been working for over 10 years as a professional illustrator on books for children. Recently I decided to work on my own to create books for children. 
My goal is to produce books which not only interest children but the parents as well. They will be created with a specific purpose which is childhood development. My intent through these books is to help children learn basic colors, animals, alphabet, words and the motivation to concentrate.
If you enjoy my work please leave a review below. I’m always looking for ways to improve my product offerings and would love to hear from you.