Book Review & Giveaway: Dragon Defender by J.A. Blackburn

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Dragon_Defender_CoverAbout the Book

Title: Dragon Defender (Dragon Defense League, Book #1)

Author: J.A. Blackburn

Publication Date: October 19, 2013

Publisher: Pip & Grey

Number of pages: 242

Recommended age: 10+

Summary (Amazon):

For over a thousand years dragons have existed in secret . . .

Peter Clark can build a robot from scratch and pick a lock in two minutes or less. But he can’t figure out why his mother left or why his grandma refuses to talk about her. When Uncle Dominick shows up on Peter’s twelfth birthday with a letter that hints at answers and an incredible story about dragons, Peter follows him, determined to find out the truth about his mother’s disappearance.

What he finds is a reality far different from what he ever could have imagined – where dragons live in hiding, hunted by poachers for their magical parts, and a small group of men and women work tirelessly to protect them. These are the Dragon Defenders. Peter’s uncle is one. So was his mother. Now it’s Peter’s turn.

* Finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association 2013 Literary Contest *


I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

Dragon Defender is a fun book for children. It has action, adventure, and best of all, dragons.

Peter, the main character, thinks he’s a normal, although introverted, 12 year old. He turns out to be anything but normal. Not only does he come from a long line of Dragon Defenders, but he’s resourceful and is able to face any obstacles he must face. He also easily makes a couple friends along the way.

I enjoyed reading about Peter’s adventure with his new friends and I am looking forward to reading The Mountain of Ice and Fire. This is a book that anyone of any age would enjoy reading.

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