Book Review & Giveaway: Ditching the Drive-Thru by J. Natalie Winch

Ditching the Drive Thru

Book Description 

After an exhausting day at work, hitting the drive-thru or nuking a pre-fab meal is all too often the go-to decision for feeding a family. Cooking a meal from scratch using fresh ingredients can seem beyond the average person’s time, energy, or financial means. But with mounting evidence pointing to processed food and our industrial food system as the culprits behind many of our nation’s health problems—including obesity, diabetes, and cancer—it’s now more important than ever to be fully informed about what goes on your family’s dinner plates.

If you’re ready to take control of your food choices but don’t know the difference between grass-fed versus grain-fed, pastured versus free-range, or organic versus sustainable, read this book to discover:

• How to create your own thirty-month plan to convert your family from junk food to real food, without a revolt!

• Recipes and advice on planning and prepping meals so you can make homecooked a habit for your family

• Instructions for getting the most out of produce using techniques such as lacto-fermentation, dehydrating, and canning

•  Introduction to the world of farm-direct sales, including tips on locating local farms, seeing through marketing buzzwords, and shopping with CSAs Ditching the Drive-Thru exposes the insidious hold the commercial food industry has taken over the fast-paced lives of the average American and the danger these processed foods and diet plans pose to our health, environment, and emotional wellbeing.

Learn how to break free from the grind and return to a simpler relationship with food from farmers, not factories, and home-cooked meals that are created in your kitchen, not on a conveyor belt.


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My Review

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

Ditching the Drive-thru starts with the Natalie Winch claiming that processed foods are the culprit behind the declining health of Americans. In a nutshell, you are what you eat and what we eat is full of chemicals with a lot of the nutrients gone. I think most of us agree with that but haven’t taken the steps that she has to eat healthier.

The second part of the book explains how to change from the modern way of eating to going almost all organic. She tries to not overwhelm the reader by suggesting a 30 month plan. In other words, take it slow. I thought that was a good idea. If you think about dieting and trying to go from one extreme to another (perhaps eating 3000 calories a day to 1200 calories a day), it’s not only difficult but you don’t stick to it. Taking 30 months to change your eating, shopping, and cooking habits would work much easier. Plus, as she explains, there’s a lot of planning and time involved in eating organically and learning where to buy your food.

Ditching the Drive-thru is a good resource for getting started on the road to eating a healthy diet. I believe before you start you need the resolve to stick with it over the long haul but I am sure that once you get used to the lifestyle change, your whole family will feel better. 


Author’s Bio

J. Natalie WinchJ. Natalie Winch lives in southern New Jersey, not far from where she grew up, with her husband, two children, and dogs. When she isn’t mothering, teaching, grading, or making lesson plans, Natalie runs the Hebrew School at her synagogue, coaches soccer, teaches lacto-fermentation classes, writes the occasional entry for her blog Food Empowerment (, and fights the dust bunnies that threaten to take over her family room.

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