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Review: 10 Things To Do Today To Be Happy Now by Grace Stevens

5-8-2013 8-39-30 PM
Title: 10 Things To Do Today To Be Happy Now

Author:  Grace Stevens

Genre:  Self Help

Publisher:  Red Lotus Books

Publication Date:  February, 2013

DescriptionWhat if the best advice you ever got was to “screw your life’s purpose?”

What if instead of another book that told you to “follow your path”, you found a book with practical advice on how you could find ways to be truly happy in the life you have right now?

Congratulation! You have found that book!

In this short guide the author gives practical advice on ways to find joy and happiness in your everyday crazy life. Based on over 20 years of research and practical application, Stevens shows you how “being happy” is a habit, regardless of your life’s circumstances. There might be many things about your life that you want to change, thinking that they will bring you happiness. Stevens proposes that being happy comes first. First get happy, then you’ll be able to make the changes you need.

While presenting suggestions backed up by solid scientific data, this book is a fun and easy read. There are practical strategies that you can start using today for a happier tomorrow.


I’m not much for self help books but the title of this one intrigued me. The author makes a valid point that most of us are usually thinking about the past or the future but that we should learn to live in the moment and be happy in the moment.  She states, “The secret to happiness, so it turns out, is that there is no secret.” She lists 10 “habits” that will help you to be happy in your everyday life. 

Stevens has done a lot of research over the past 20 years and these 10 habits are the results of her research. The habits are good advice and some of them are common sense, such as taking care of yourself physically. She also recommends meditation and visualization as well as several other things to help insure your daily happiness.  She makes the point that you are responsible for your happiness, not others.

While I didn’t agree with everything in this book, it did have a lot of good ideas for someone who is wanting to find joy in their daily life.

“Mind your thoughts for they become your words; mind your words for they become your actions; mind your actions for they become your habits; mind your habits for they become your character; watch your character for they become your destiny.” –Charles Reade.

Click here to order 10 Things To Do Today To Be Happy Now – 10 Simple Steps For Finding Joy In Your Everyday Life, available on ebook only