Book Review: Aches and Epiphanies by Aries

A collection of poetry, prose and thoughts from poet and songwriter, Aries.
From love lost to happiness found; from pain to joy and vice versa. The words of the unspoken and raw human emotions come to the fore.
For those who have stood face to face with love and it has been terrifying or have hidden secrets behind closed doors. For those who find comfort in the hands of another, you will learn, page by page.
As the universe takes its last breath, it looks at you with glittering eyes and smiles. You were worth the destruction.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I have come to appreciate poetry more and more over the years. This group of poems from Aries are separated in two sections: aches and epiphanies. I liked the poems, although the ones in the first section do fit the name. An example:

I have too much love inside me
to waste my time with someone
who won’t even look me in the eye
before he kisses me.
I am not just a body; I am a soul, too.

Even though this poem is short, it rouses a lot of emotion.

Then there are the epiphanies. Some of them are great and really hit home. An example:

Dear Body,
This has been a long time coming but I have begun to fall
in love with you at last.
I know God made you for me for a reason.
I think about the things I said before and it brings me to
You have loved me unconditionally and now; it is finally
time for me to do the same.
All my love

Aches and Epiphanies is definitely a book I recommend if you like poetry that makes you feel.

About the Author

Aries is a poet from Kuwait who currently lives in the UK. She is passionate about writing down feelings and turning the pain into something beautiful.

She has enjoyed writing from a young age, as well as composing songs, and is currently releasing music on several platforms.

Aries draws on personal experience as well as the experience of others for her work, and aims to express real feelings on paper to reach out to anyone who is willing to listen.

New Releases

The Divided

Cursed one hundred and fifty years apart, Amy and Eliza do not know they are linked but their souls have been at war for a long time.

After her attempt to escape from Westsalter Asylum fails, Eliza, a Victorian orphan must endure life amidst a terrifying existence of incarceration, while demon worshipers, Viola and Baxter, are intent on dragging her into their experiments.

Modern-day Amy needs to change her life. A reunion with her estranged sister, Rachel, at Green Haven Hotel does not go as planned. A malevolent force resides inside the building and has its sights on Amy. When Rachel’s husband’s arrival widens the divide between the sisters, they realise that if they want to survive the haunting; they need to help each other.

They have only one question.

Excerpt from the book:

“Amy rested her forehead on the door and rubbed her temples. No going back. Only forward. 

And what about Rachel? 

Her fingers tingled, and she wiggled them as if playing an invisible piano.

They’d fallen out long ago, and when Amy thought about her now, she pictured the teenager. Although being a mere ten months older, Rachel had always seemed more sophisticated. Tight clothes, high heels, curling-ironed locks and make-up. It was like she was always on the lookout for Prince Charming—until she found him. She was the party animal while Amy had been the bookworm. Funny how things changed.

She clenched a fist and held it over the door. Her eyes bored into the number above her hand. 401. She was overcome with the sense of familiar that had been missing from her life. When they were kids, she could almost feel Rachel’s breathing from another room before she realised she was even there. It was comforting.

Today it wasn’t.

She pulled her hand back to knock. What would she look like? Stupid. People always said they were so alike it was easy to mistake them for twins. Amy relaxed her fingers and placed her palm against the rough grain. It had been twelve years. A lot could happen. A bunch had transpired. What effect that may have, she couldn’t say.

The door opened.

I’m not ready. Don’t be her. Be someone else.”

“The Divided” by Suzanne Burrows is currently available in paperback from Amazon at:

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How Can I Not Believe?

I would like to pass on my knowing that life continues without interruption once it is time to leave the Earth world. The word death is not a word I like to use when talking about the end of life. Persevere with your wonderings, your doubts as this is the right way forward to encourage your thinking of right and wrong, yes or no, is it or isn’t it. This is the only way forward to breach the doubts in your minds to let your thoughts through into the light. There is no need to be frightened, frightened of what, meeting your loved ones, our animal friends all those souls who know the truth about life beyond the stars, life all around us, a life of love and contentment after a well done, or not, after living a life here on this difficult planet of Earth.

I do hope these words bring you comfort as you travel through life towards your beautiful spiritual journey to the home of your dreams.

About the Author:

Carole’s first spiritual experience was a Being in a white suit surrounded by a glowing white light.  Her soul knew Him instantly.  She said, “Hello, how lovely to see you?  What are you doing here?”  No one can take away the knowing she has speaking and receiving answers from her Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael.  His words are shared in Carole’s first book which is entitled “Snatches of Brilliance” (published in 2012).

In this second book entitled “How Can I Not Believe?”, Carole makes further revelations from inspirational messages given to her by her Guardian Angel and others in the Spirit World.  The words inside this book are intended to enlighten those on Earth about the angelic realm and the relationship between that world and the Earthly world in which we live.  She conveys the words verbatim as revealed to her by various angels in the Spirit World. 

If the words in this book help just one person realise that there is a more wonderful life awaiting them, the aims of this book will be fulfilled.

Excerpt from this book:

“Carole, you are healing because of your request to us here in your world of spirit. It is by request that our healers, through me, visit the respected sick. We deliver the healing vibrations to those physically sick should they require our service.

With much prayer to our Father and Creator, who draws near to embellish your loving wishes so meant to help another human body on the vast earth plane. You are accompanied by several healers, each giving their dutiful services then affected in, and by, prayer means.

You are strong in your healing vibrations, but it is the love given in healing, love that determines where and when this healing occurs. Yes, the request you have asked for in healing another is a remarkable effort. With a belief in yourself and what you hope for is in all aspects of healing and love received by recipients wholly and complete.

Continue with your wishes in complete offerings of love. We are listening, offering our healing hands to you in love and growth from your home here in the World of spirit.

I am your loving Guardian Angel, Archangel Michael.”

“How Can I Not Believe?” by Carole M. Day is available in paperback at:

This inspirational book is also available to purchase in paperback at:

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Book Review: Jeff Bezos: 199 Best Quotes from the Great Entrepreneur by Olivia Longray

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, is still a mystery to the media and the public. The billionaire space innovator and father of four rarely gives interviews. He only began to appear in public more often after the launch of Amazon Studios, a service that surprised Hollywood with a completely new way of creating films.

This book contains the best Jeff Bezos quotes, which demonstrate his brilliant style of thinking; his views on entrepreneurship, failure, risk, and education; as well as his vision for the future development of technology and of all mankind.

The quotes are taken from Jeff Bezos’s public appearances, interviews, presentations, conferences and letters to shareholders. They often contain the words “relentless” and “long-term thinking”. These words best characterize Jeff Bezos’s personality and his approach to doing business.

In this book of quotes, you will learn:

– how Jeff Bezos manages to earn billions of dollars

– why Jeff Bezos is not afraid to make mistakes and take risks

– why Jeff Bezos launches rockets into space

– why Jeff Bezos does not like to relax too much

– how Jeff Bezos sees the future of humanity

This book of inspirational quotes also has a link to download the FREE BONUS motivational book that can prove a perfect complement to your purchase. The little gift is there waiting for you!

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Jeff Bezos has a great mind for business, and he’s been quoted a lot over the years. This book includes not only his quotes, but links to the sources they came from.

The book is organized in sections. The first section is about Bezos and his family support. The other sections contain quotes about his different endeavors such as Amazon, the Washington Post, Blue Origin, and space colonization. There are also inspirational quotes as well as his beliefs about leadership, the importance of customer appreciation, and failure and success.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes: “The smartest people are constantly revising their understanding, reconsidering a problem they thought they’d already solved. They’re open to new points of view, new information, new ideas, contradictions, and challenges to their own way of thinking.” –Inc., February 15, 2019

This is a good book for anyone who’s interested in business or Jeff Bezos’s biography.

About the Author

Olivia Longray, born September 06, 1980, is а journalist and author who loves her family and the surrounding world. Perceives life as a gift given to us for self-improvement, creative work and growing in love.

Books have always been a big part of my life. As a kid, I cherished a dream about becoming a librarian or a journalist. I grew up, got a degree in journalism, started to work as a reporter in the news agency, was an editor and a TV producer. After my baby boy arrived, I tried to write a children’s book. The writing process filled me with immense (overwhelming) joy and true sense of artistic self-expression. Then came a book for grown-ups. It was the story of the weigh-loss journey of my husband that marked the start of a healthy life for our family. Now I feel blessed that I have my family, our morning jogging and healthy meals, travels and this big amazing world.

Twitter: olivia_longray