Movie Review: Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace


-Film debuts on Amazon Prime on Black Friday, Nov. 27 and Living Scriptures on Dec. 4-

Salt Lake City – Writer, Director and Producer Rob Diamond announced today that his new film, LUCY SHIMMERS & THE PRINCE OF PEACE will be released on Amazon Prime on Black Friday, November 27 and then on Living Scriptures on Friday, December 4.

LUCY SHIMMERS & THE PRINCE OF PEACE is Diamond’s 15th feature film and was produced completely in Utah early in 2020. “I can truly say that this is my favorite film I’ve ever made,” said Diamond. “The inspiration for the film came from a dream I had and then the story and the entire production came together absolutely seamlessly.”

LUCY SHIMMERS tells the story of five-year-old Lucy and the incredible influence she has on those around her, especially hardened criminal Edgar. Lucy, with the help of her guardian angel, create miracles that change his heart and inspire a second chance in his life.

The film features mostly local talent, including Shawn Stevens as Grandpa Jackson, Adam Hightower as James Shimmers, and Florencia Stevens as Isabelle Shimmers. In addition, the film stars well-known actor Vincent Vargas (THE MAYANS) and newcomer Scarlett Diamond in the title-role of Lucy.

 Scarlett Diamond just so happens to be the granddaughter of filmmaker Rob Diamond.
“Granted I’m biased, but Scarlett was absolutely incredible. She is only five-years-old and this was her first major speaking role and she proved she’s a natural!” proclaimed Diamond.

In addition to writing, directing and producing, Diamond also operates an acting studio and many of the actors in the film are current and former Diamond students. The film was shot entirely on location in Salt Lake City and Heber, Utah early in 2020. “Our last day of filming was literally the day before Utah shut down in March because of the pandemic,” said Diamond.

For more information on LUCY SHIMMERS & THE PRINCE OF PEACE, visit its IMDB page at:

My Review

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace is about a special 5-year-old girl. Everyone who meets her is truly blessed; even a hardened criminal can’t escape her charm. Scarlett Diamond, who plays Lucy, is an adorable actress and does an amazing job. It’s hard to believe she’s just five years old.

This story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. The best way to describe it, is a quote from the end of the movie: “While we weep here on Earth, others celebrate in Heaven.” If that’s the case, there was a lot of celebrating in Heaven today, because I wept through half of the movie.

The film isn’t perfect (but nothing is). There was some bad acting here and there especially by those with just a line in the movie. The thing that really stood out to me is that Lucy would just unplug her IV to sneak out at night. I don’t think so.

Lucy Shimmers and the Prince of Peace is definitely a movie to watch if you like sweet, emotional Christmas movies.

Book Review: The Little Green Jacket by Jodi Dee

Written by multi-award winning Author Jodi Dee and in partnership with Planet Aid. The Little Green jacket a story based on true events about a little green jacket that travels through the lives of different children, who live in very different places, and ends up on the other side of the world after a natural disaster. Find out how the little green jacket experiences being a donation and the importance, power, and magic of giving! A true all-American classic that showcases the culture of donations and how it can change lives, and how your simple acts of donation change the world.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

The Little Green Jacket is a children’s story that shows how many lives can be touched by just one item through donations. The little green jacket starts out with a boy named Mike and warms several boys and girls until it is finally donated to Planet Aid and helps a girl on the other side of the world where a hurricane has devastated the area.

Through this story, children can learn about the importance of a simple donation. Whenever the jacket “talks” there’s a picture of the jacket next to the text which is green and italicized. The illustrations are black and white except for the bright green jacket which reminds the reader the importance of the donated jacket.

To add a little fun to the book, there are 20 recycling symbols for children to find. The Little Green Jacket is a book that children will enjoy, and anyone who likes to Seek & Find will have fun with that. Also, 10% of the profit is being donated to Planet Aid, so you not only get a great book, but you’re making a small donation to a good cause!

About the Author

Jodi Dee is a multi-award winning Author, regular columnist for Bay State Parent Magazine, and an avid blogger. She is a mother of three with more than 20 years’ experience in early childhood and education. Jodi has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology & History and a Master’s in Education from Clark University. She is a passionate advocate and teacher of emotional maturity, early childhood education, and empowering children to learn through creativity, autonomy, self-exploration, and discovery.
Jodi grew up in a rich learning environment with an Early Childhood Center/Preschool attached to her home, which her mother ran for over thirty years. Jodi spent her first eighteen years participating in, helping, facilitating, and supporting the Center.
Jodi’s immersion in this field sparked her passion for early childhood education, Emotional Intelligence, maturity, and self-awareness. After reading three children books for almost a decade, Jodi felt frustrated there were so few children’s books that dealt with real life experiences, especially navigating feelings and social development. This frustration let to Jodi writing children’s books.

For more information visit “Author Jodi Dee” or “Jodi Dee” on Amazon, all social media platforms, her blog at

Book Review & Giveaway: My Hair Went on Vacation by Paula Quinn

Book Title:  My Hair Went on Vacation by Paula Quinn
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  38 pages
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:  Mascot Books
Release date:   August, 2020

Content Rating:  G. This children’s book is for everyone.

This story is about Rosie, who lives in Chicago. Within three weeks she lost all of her hair and asked, “Where did it go?” Rosie loved to rock the bald, without even skipping a beat. She happily wore sunscreen -not even a hat!- in the summer heat. At bedtime, Rosie would tell her own stories with a smile on her face. She’d imagine her hair going on magical adventures all over the place. From a young age, Rosie loved herself and was not phased by her look, So her mother decided to share her spirit to teach others through this book. Come on this adventure with a confident bald girl, Who tells us Bald is beautiful! as she smiles with a twirl. We hope this book can inspire you to love others as they are, And to love yourself every day, whether your hair is near or far.

Buy the Book ~ Coming Up Rosies
B&N ~ Book Despository

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

What an inspiring story for children as well as adults! Rosie is a real person and her mom is the author, Paula Quinn. When Rosie lost all of her hair, she wasn’t fazed. She was diagnosed with alopecia, but she would tell people that her hair went on vacation. She showed others how to love yourself even if you’re a little different…especially because you’re a little different.

It’s obvious that Rosie and her mother feel that helping those with low self-esteem is important. They’ve even started a mission to help others who are struggling to restore confidence, happiness, and pride.

My Hair Went on Vacation is adorable and has cute and colorful illustrations and rhyming text. It teaches children and adults to love yourself and others as they are. This is definitely a book I recommend!

About the Author

Paula and Rosie Quinn are the founders of Coming Up Rosies, a nonprofit dedicated to fulfilling Rosie’s dream to make bald kids like her smile confidently. At two years old, Rosie was diagnosed with alopecia universalis, an incurable autoimmune disease that results in baldness. From a young age, Rosie taught her parents how to embrace her difference by coming up with magical adventures of her hair each night before bed. Despite Rosie’s confidence, awkward questions and comments about her baldness started to bother Rosie. One day, her parents surprised her with a head scarf made from one of her paintings. Rosie immediately felt confident again, and wanted to share this feeling of pride with all bald children. Rosie lives in Chicago with her sister Caroline, her parents Paula and Larry, and their bernedoodle, Enzo. As a family, they love to go to Cubs games, have dance parties, and cook Italian dinners at home.

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Book Review: Aches and Epiphanies by Aries

A collection of poetry, prose and thoughts from poet and songwriter, Aries.
From love lost to happiness found; from pain to joy and vice versa. The words of the unspoken and raw human emotions come to the fore.
For those who have stood face to face with love and it has been terrifying or have hidden secrets behind closed doors. For those who find comfort in the hands of another, you will learn, page by page.
As the universe takes its last breath, it looks at you with glittering eyes and smiles. You were worth the destruction.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I have come to appreciate poetry more and more over the years. This group of poems from Aries are separated in two sections: aches and epiphanies. I liked the poems, although the ones in the first section do fit the name. An example:

I have too much love inside me
to waste my time with someone
who won’t even look me in the eye
before he kisses me.
I am not just a body; I am a soul, too.

Even though this poem is short, it rouses a lot of emotion.

Then there are the epiphanies. Some of them are great and really hit home. An example:

Dear Body,
This has been a long time coming but I have begun to fall
in love with you at last.
I know God made you for me for a reason.
I think about the things I said before and it brings me to
You have loved me unconditionally and now; it is finally
time for me to do the same.
All my love

Aches and Epiphanies is definitely a book I recommend if you like poetry that makes you feel.

About the Author

Aries is a poet from Kuwait who currently lives in the UK. She is passionate about writing down feelings and turning the pain into something beautiful.

She has enjoyed writing from a young age, as well as composing songs, and is currently releasing music on several platforms.

Aries draws on personal experience as well as the experience of others for her work, and aims to express real feelings on paper to reach out to anyone who is willing to listen.