Book Review: Informed Decision by L.J. Greatrex

Following the tragic death of his wife Beth, Jimmy Giddion, having been willed great wealth from her inherited fortune, makes the decision, alongside his partners Paul Max and Bill Pascal, to expand their interests in creating a worldwide network of Executive Helicopters in Las Vegas. Realising too late that dipping your toe in a shark infested pool full of notorious Mafia Barons, our trio of hackers are back using their skills on the keyboard to uncover the victim and perpetrators of a ferocious fire. A mysterious twist unveils the lengths someone will go for revenge.



My Review

Jimmy Giddion and his partners Paul Max and Bill Pascal make the stupid decision to expand their helicopter business to Las Vegas. It is still run by the Mafia, but they think that they can do honest business with these people. Of course, they can’t, and they end up with a dead body in one of their helicopters that turns out to be a blast from the past.

Jimmy, Paul, and Bill are constantly having to put out fires while also dealing with trying to figure out who the victim was, what message was being sent to them (if any), and how to fix the mess they’re in.

Informed Decision is nonstop suspense, adventure, and mystery, with a love story thrown in. There is more than one twist and of course, a lot of hacking. There were times it got a little too in depth for me, I’d rather know what info was retrieved but not necessarily how they retrieved the info. I still recommend Informed Decision. This series would be best if read in order, but each book does stand on its own with enough back story given for it to be a good read.




“The black cut glass hearse arrived for what we discovered was a high-end Mafia burial. Seven horses were adorned with plumes of feathers any bird would die for, I’ll rephrase that, did die for. Walking pallbearers were complete with top hats, black leather gloves and bulges under their coats that could only be from the guns they were toting in case of trouble. The parade was formidable, every slime ball from here to the Sicilian homeland was in attendance and we stood out like a pair of white men at a Martin Luther King rally.

“I had no idea how much they revered their members,” I whispered, as I realised how out of touch we were with the people we had inadvertently become involved with.

“I’m staggered. I had no concept of the power these guys wielded,” he murmured not wishing to rock the boat, in case it sank into the depths taking us with it.

“Do you think we should quit now and abandon our project leaving them to their own?” I suggested, feeling out of depth amongst these thugs.

“I’m not sure which would be best, a lead-welly for staying or a lead-welly for dropping out,” he added, his attempt at frivolity falling on deaf ears, as I grimaced with the choices we had.

I cringed all the way through the Godfather music and weeping of black-veiled mourners obviously paid for the best effect or as warning to anyone seeking to dispense with one of their own. The flower adorned church burst with a show of solidarity unknown to the civilised world, complete with speeches about the courageous and dedicated nature of their brother Gustaff. I wanted to puke at the thought that someone so obviously corrupt could be made Godlike because he was dead.”



About the Author

L.J. Greatrex was born one of three siblings in a small village in the Midlands, having only moved around the same village three times with just a small break when living in West Kirby on the Wirral. L. J.’s career began with General Electric and progressed through to the financial sector of the steel Industry, spending the most recent years with a classic car parts company and today as their Financial Health Consultant.

Over many years travelling the globe with family and friends for pleasure, the ideas developed and used in the Hackers series (which includes Conscious Revenge, Payback, Just Deserts, Without A Doubt and Doubt Revisited), have been in part attributed to these experiences; that and a vivid imagination has helped create the characters and situations in these thriller novels.

“Informed Decision” is available in paperback or e-book from Amazon UK and is also available from Amazon US.

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