Book Review & Giveaway: Sonar the Cyclone by B. Truly


unnamed (1)New Adult / Sci-Fi – Fantasy Romance
Date Published: 7/3/2015

Is your destiny determined by what the future has foretold? Or is fate deemed in the hands of what you behold?

The Royal 4 are now back on their home territory of Nazari, determined to get things back to normal. Syira’s forbidden love is being held captive. She is hell-bent on fighting for him despite the immense obstacles. She must find a way to convince her race that Kadeem is not dangerous. Their threat lies from deeper within.
Shiray has accepted her past and is moving forward with her life, but it comes back to haunt her tenfold. That all changes when she stumbles across the truth. Now, she must pick up the pieces of her shattered life.
They are in the calm but know when they approach the dirty side of the Cyclone storm, terrible things will unravel. The future is revealed and they get a glimpse of Fate’s course. Time is not on their side. They must attempt to change their destiny or their world will be doomed.

My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

Sonar the Cyclone is the second in the Sonar series and, when I started it, I was afraid that it wasn’t going to make much sense without reading the first book, but everything fell into place pretty quickly. It does stand on its own but I plan on reading the first book so I can get to know the characters even better.

B. Truly’s writing style is easy to follow and it was a quick read. I read Sonar the Cyclone in one sitting but I still feel like I got to know the characters pretty well.

Shiray & Bryan and Syira & Kadeem have already been through so much in their short lives. They are all good, strong people and have strong relationships. Even though they are at war with Polaris, another planet, their personal lives seem to be coming along pretty well. They are all mature when it comes to their relationships (for the most part), which definitely helps.

Sonar the Cyclone is science fiction/fantasy but it is full of love, action, and suspense. I don’t usually like when everything isn’t wrapped up at the end of a book, but I did like the ending of this one. I also enjoyed the epilogues which told a couple events from Kadeem’s point of view. The rest of the book was told from the points of view of Shiray and Syira.

I believe anyone who enjoys scifi or fantasy romance would like this book but I would suggest reading the first book in the series to get even more out of it.


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About the Author

unnamedB Truly has wanted to be an author since she was fifteen years old and grateful to have accomplished this dream.  She has very vivid dreams and a wild imagination. She likes to read, watch tons of TV shows, and movies. She is addicted to romance and gets a thrill out of action and suspense. She writes New Adult, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Paranormal-Romance. 
In the Sonar series, B Truly said “it was fun to explore different elements of Sci-fi romance and create various realms of powers for my characters. I want to show my readers that Sci-fi can be fun, but also traumatic. I hope you guys enjoy the Sonar Series.”

B Truly has three wonderful children and a husband who defines the person she is today. She works full-time as an Ultrasound technologist in Sugarland, Texas.





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Book Review: Behind the Stars by Leigh Talbert Moore

23401340Title: Behind the Stars

Author: Leigh Talbert Moore

Genre: Young Adult/New Adult 

Publication Date: December 31, 2014

About the Book:

Prentiss Puckett is certain of three things:
-Graduation is two weeks away.
-Summer only gets hotter in south Mississippi.
-She’s getting a job with air-conditioning.

She did not expect to be kidnapped walking to work.
And she never expected to become a hero.

Red Dawn meets L O S T in this new action-adventure romance from Amazon bestselling author Leigh Talbert Moore.


My Review:

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

Behind the Stars grabbed my interest quickly and it was difficult to put the book down. It was a “just one more chapter” book. I’m really glad that I waited until all 6 parts were available before I read it.

Leigh Talbert Moore has a nice writing style that flows well and is easy to read. Even though there are many times that the story goes back to the past, it’s done in a way that’s not confusing.

The main character, Prentiss, is small but that doesn’t stop her from getting what she wants. Her whole life is planned: high school graduation, marrying Jackson, and running the farm they’ll inherit. Everything changes when the strangers show up and suddenly Prentiss doesn’t know what the future holds.

I thought that the changes in relationships between Prentiss and other characters after the strangers showed up were realistic. I also liked the way the friendship between Prentiss and Gallatin started and blossomed.

I definitely recommend Behind the Stars for young adult and new adult readers, as well as adult readers.


About the Author:

Leigh Talbert Moore wrote her first graphic novel at the age of nine–about a lady scientist burned by acid. Sadly, the text of “Fury Woman” was lost, and Leigh’s novelist aspirations went on hiatus.

After working more than a decade in journalism, editing, marketing, and public relations, she began writing books again, and in 2009 completed Dragonfly. Today, Leigh is the author of several popular young adult and new adult novels, all with a strong romantic slant.

She lives with her husband and two young children in the middle of the country, where she conjures new worlds, characters, and situations while playing chauffeur, chaperone, group activity leader, and referee.

And she’s still trying to remember the plot of “Fury Woman”…

Book Review: Expertus by Holly Lauren

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12-7-2014 7-13-47 PMTitle: Expertus         

Author: Holly Lauren

Genre: Epic Fantasy/Science Fiction

Length: 362 & 358 pages

Release Date: 2014


About the Book: 

In the second installment of The GenEx Saga, high school senior Chapel Ryan continues to learn more about Tempus—the genetic exception she possesses that allows her to manipulate energy. Chapel’s worlds collide when a threat meant for her endangers someone she loves. In her search for answers and retribution, Chapel unravels mysteries surrounding the GenEx world that places her life in more peril than ever before.

Chapel thought finding out that her father was actually alive would be the biggest shock of her life. As it turns out … she was wrong.


I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

I read Tempus, the first book in the GenEx Saga so I was excited to read and review the second book, Expertus. I was not disappointed. It was difficult to put the book down. I had a bad case of “just one more chapter” while reading this book.

Holly Lauren’s fantasy world is described well and it’s interesting to learn what gifts the different GenExes possess. 

The characters are well developed. I did have to keep reminding myself that Chapel is only 18 years old, and even though she’s special, she still has a lot of maturing to do. The love story of Chapel and Zay  continues but they face many difficulties because they’re not “normal” and have more responsibilities than normal teens.

Expertus is a great read. It has a lot of drama and several twists. I do recommend reading Tempus first, though. 







About the Author:

3-1-2014 7-29-40 PMHolly was born and raised in a small town in North Georgia. The third of four children, Holly grew up telling stories to get herself out of—and her siblings into—trouble. When she was eight years old, she penned her first publication: a newspaper called Sunny Dayz News. While she didn’t sell any actual copies, her sympathetic grandmother did peruse through the edition at least once.

When Holly isn’t dreaming up new plotlines for her next book, she enjoys breakfasting at Picnic Café in Dahlonega, Georgia with her (handsome) husband and their two (adorable) daughters.





Book Review & Giveaway: The Banovic Siblings by Gillian Felix




Title: Banovic Siblings – Friends & Liars

Author: Gillian Felix

Genre:  New Adult

Publication Date: December 2013


College boy Kevin Banovic’s casual affair with Savi DaCosta suited him perfectly. Things change when he finds out that Savi is his mom’s high school bestie. When Kevin tries to end their affair, Savi blackmails him. After Kevin rescues Savi’s stepdaughter, L’Wren, from her abusive boyfriend, he can’t stop thinking about her. He must find a way to handle Savi, protect L’Wren, and keep his sanity. 

Bad girl Adriana Banovic is pleased with herself for getting her nemesis expelled from Westwood Academy. As feelings between her and her latest victim Haze Lyndon escalate, an unexpected rival discovers her secret and threatens to expose her. With emotions on the line, will her new rival beat her at her own game or end up another casualty of Adriana’s wrath? 

Zax Banovic has it all. Tall and handsome, he’s an academic genius, with a killer smile and a heart of gold. When his best friend gets into trouble, he feels responsible and covers for him. But his best friend is not as honorable and has other plans for Zax.

 The Banovic Siblings learn that blackmail is a gift that keeps on giving. This is the second book in the Family Portrait novel series. 

If you like shows like the original Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210 and Nashville, where the guys and girls are hot and the schemes are hotter, you will like The Banovic Siblings.


 I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

The Banovic Siblings is the second in the Family Portrait series and continues where Changes, the first book in the series, left off. This book, like the first one, is just like a soap opera. If you like drama, you’ll like The Banovic Siblings.

Gillian Felix’s writing is easy to read and the story flows well. The characters are more developed than they were in Changes and I felt like I knew them as I was reading.

The one thing that drove me crazy about Changes was how it stopped abruptly and I had to wait for the second book to come out. This one does the same thing! I was reading along and it just stopped! Now I have to wait again!

Purchase on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Read the first chapter of Changes

Purchase Changes on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

About the Author:

10-24-2013 5-04-55 PMGillian Felix has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She enjoys creating characters that could be your next-door neighbor, but would you want them as your neighbor is another story.

 Originally from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Miss Felix moved to the United States in 1998. Since then she has been involved in the entertainment industry for over fifteen years. Her experience ranges from script supervisor to production manager on many independent features. She is trained in the Meisner and Stanislavski technique of acting, which she credits as an asset to her character development and writing.

 Miss Felix is an entrepreneur and advocate for children’s and women’s rights.

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Blog Tour Review: Collier – Phantom Lives Book 1 by Elizabeth Loraine


phantonlives-cover-banner newx


13000453Title: Collier – Phantom Lives Book One

Author: Elizabeth Loraine

Genre:  Paranormal

Publisher: Araiis, Inc.

Publication Date:  August 18, 2011


Abigail Black, an heiress from Memphis is on the run from her abusive boyfriend, Dallas. In the process she finds out that there she is being pulled towards something, and someone, that she thought only existed in her dreams.

Another page turning adventure from Elizabeth Loraine. Phantom Lives intertwines the modern world with the post Civil War world of Collier, a plantation Abigail had dreamt about her entire life. Now she is about to find out why. Another fantasy world of spirits and immortals is built in a way which fans of Ms Loraine’s will again thoroughly enjoy. Find out who Abigail was in the past and how it changes everything.



The beginning of Collier is intense. It starts out like a suspense/thriller and soon turns into a fantasy/ghost story. It has some creative and interesting ideas.

I wondered about the acceptance everyone had of Collier until I realized that the people being introduced to the house, James, and Abram were all connected to Collier in some way; therefore, they were more accepting than “normal” people would be.

This book contains a lot of errors to the point of distraction. I also had trouble following the dialogue, often wondering who was speaking.

The ending, although a happy one, left me wanting more. There were just so many possibilities that weren’t explored!

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Blog Tour Review and Giveaway: Patch Up by Stephanie Witter

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Title: Patch Up

Author: Stephanie Witter

Genre:  New Adult

Publisher: Anchor Group

Publication Date: September 16, 2013

Due to some shocking scenes, this novel is not intended for readers under 18.


Skye followed her long time boyfriend to Seattle for their first year of college, but he dumped her after only a week. The relationship brought only pain and destruction in Skye’s life, and yet, she can’t bring herself to open up and live her life.

“What if I am already broken into pieces?”

She hates to be touched, hiding under her oversized shirts and behind her wild frizzy hair. Even her bubbly roommate can’t reach her. And yet …

“I’m the guy who knows how you can hurt so much that your insides feel like they’re cut and bleeding.”

The tall, handsome, and tattooed TA in her psychology class changes everything when he literally collides with her and confronts her. For the first time in a long time, she wants to try and open up to this guy whose dark, intense eyes can’t hide his own pain despite his dazzling smile getting to her.

However, just when she’s starting to live again, her ex-boyfriend comes back, breaking her time and time again, making it all the more complicated.

She wants to fight for herself and for this building thing with the TA, even when he pushes her away, but can two broken people patch each other up?

“I never thought colliding with someone could change lives, but it is possible.”



Wow! Patch Up takes a lot out of you emotionally. Stephanie Witter is good at describing the feelings and emotions of the characters, especially Skye.

Both of the main characters are well developed but so broken and so immature. I just wanted to shake some sense into them! I’m not a fighter so it’s hard for me to understand people who have frequent fights. I do understand that that was their way of dealing with pain, however, which is common.

As I was reading this book, I kept thinking it just has too much drama, yet I had a hard time putting it down. So I guess it that, although it did have a lot of drama, it made for a good (and emotionally exhausting) read. 

The issues of abuse, alcoholism, grief, and depression, and how some people cope with them, are all addressed in Patch Up. The characters don’t deal with them in the healthiest of ways, but things are heading in the right direction for them by the end of the book.

I recommend Patch Up for adult readers. Available on Amazon.

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Blog Tour Review and Giveaway: Let Me Go by L.L. Akers


9-15-2013 8-18-03 AMTitle: Let Me Go

Author: L.L. Akers

Genre:  New Adult

Publisher: Smart Group Consulting

Publication Date:  July 5, 2013

Description: A scarlet dragonfly tattoo—meant to be a beautiful, family mark of freedom, but instead becomes a prophetic brand for those who wear it, to forever be suffering. Wounded and broken, they find themselves flittering back into the cycle of abuse that relentlessly clings to their family, a reality they can never seem to escape.  

One mother and her daughters, bound by blood—torn apart by abuse. They begin their lives intertwined but are forced to fight for their survivals separately, struggling to hide their fear and undeserved shame from each other and the world. One of these women finds herself trapped—alone—and she battles to survive the terrifying darkness. With long hours of nothing to do but wait in fear, she grapples through her obscure dreams and memories of the past, sorting which memory belongs to whom: physically harmed, mentally damaged, raped, sexually abused, an unwanted pregnancy… and even the vivid memory of a dangerous dance with death in a last attempt to escape the shambles and horrors of a seemingly unchangeable situation.
Twin sisters, Gabriella and Olivia, dive blindly—and much too early—into adulthood. They are soon followed by their younger sister, Emma, all running from a not-so-idyllic past; chasing the happiness they believe they will find, by abandoning their childhoods to be “grown-up” and start their own lives.  
Deeply evocative, Let Me Go is a coming-of-age story: the struggles of one mother and her daughters trying to survive life—marred by abuse and misplaced blame—and their need to reach peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Review: Let Me Go is a powerful book about the cycle of abuse. L.L. Akers has done a good job at portraying how victims often blame themselves and usually quickly forgive the abuser. I like how she used the sisters to show different ways in which women are abused, whether it is a child or an adult, and different ways victims cope. 

“The Girl in the Box” undercurrent was interesting. It had me guessing throughout the book who the girl in the box was. I don’t want to say any more than that because I don’t want to spoil it.

The ending made me cry (a good cry). As I’m writing this I realize that I got a little attached to the characters. I was just thinking that if this was “real life,” I’d be praying for the girls to stay away from abusive relationships. So many times you think that a victim understands the cycle and that she needs to stay away from abusive relationships and suddenly she’s back in another abusive relationship.

I definitely recommend Let Me Go! Available on Amazon. Continue reading