Book Review: Space for Kids by Melissa Quinn

What if a single book became the first step for your kid to discover science in its most trending branch – astronomy? What if there was a chance to entertain your little cutie pie who keeps asking “why?,” while also learning awesome facts?

Watching the night sky, Kimmy and Jimmy can’t help but wondering: what is out there in space? Find out about little astronauts’ adventures in space and how things they learned about our Solar System can be turned to fun home activities.

Your kid will love this space travel book, because:

  • it’s not wordy, but gives fun and handy facts about planets and outer space exploration
  • illustrations made professionally and with love
  • it gives an explanation what the night sky is, as well as a chance to use imagination with no limits

Buy this kid astronaut book NOW to introduce the space science to your little one without boring and wordy facts!

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Jimmy and Kimmy take a rocket to space and meet the planets. What a fun way to learn about them! The illustrations are colorful and cute. Each planet has a face and tells the children something special, such as the biggest planet, the hottest planet, the coldest planet, etc. It does all this without going into detailed explanations so children won’t tire of reading about them.

Space for Kids is definitely a book that young children will enjoy and learn from at the same time!