Book Review: Secrets of the Elusive Lover Books 1 & 2 by Mike Wells

512zwqpCDaL._SL500_AA300_PIaudible,BottomRight,13,73_AA300_Title: Secrets of the Elusive Lover Books 1 & 2

Author: Mike Wells

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Publication Date: December 2014




Description (from Goodreads)

Every woman knows an Adam. He’s a “player,” the type who professes true love, but with eyes that never stop wandering. He always has the perfect excuse when you find that long strand of blonde hair stuck to his collar, and fidgets whenever you get near his computer. Adam can’t fool Bethany, who, despite her better judgment, falls head over heels for him. Bethany is far more intelligent and strong-willed than Adam bargains for, and he finds himself smitten, too. Hilarious at times and poignant at others, Secrets of the Elusive Lover explores the age old challenge of obtaining the unattainable man, and the paradoxical issues surrounding monogamous relationships. As you turn the pages faster and faster to see if Adam and Bethany will ultimately get together, you will find this book another truly ‘unputdownable’ Mike Wells read.

My Review

I received a free copy of this audiobook for an honest review.

I have read a few of Mike Wells’ books in the past: With Mother’s Approval, Passion, Power & Sin, Lust, Money, and Murder. The Elusive Lover was quite a bit different from the other books of his I’ve read, and even though I didn’t care much for the main character, it was still an interesting read. And I like Mike Wells’ writing style, which always helps.

Adam has being a player down to an art. He did surprise me at times because he genuinely didn’t want to see his “girls” hurt and he definitely didn’t want to cause them any pain. While I didn’t care for Adam’s lifestyle, I did feel sorry for him at times. 

Adam’s and Bethany’s characters were well developed. Poor, naive Bethany was in over her head from the beginning.

I listened to the audiobook and the first thing I thought when the book started was that Mark Torres was a good choice. His voice is what I would imagine Adam’s to sound like.

I’ve decided that the ending of this book was perfect. It made the book stick with me for quite a while.