There are nights I marvel at existence,
How much the field of depth can be pronounced,
How my mind seems so diverse in personalities,
And with the singing voice of Sleep a mere whisper,
I intently listen for her chorus.

I will die not knowing everything,
Leaving something undone,
Leaving some sentence unfinished.
An idea, a blink of an eye, casually missed,
But a momentary torment, none the less.

My work seems… No, not blocked,
But filled with insecurity.
Who am I to take away a man’s last day?
Who am I
To end his story at such a desired time?

It is the meaning that escapes me,
On nights like this,
Of the value of this marvelous existence.
Which can sometimes be found
In the telling of a simple man’s last days.

                                                        Josh Glasson