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7 Science-Backed Ways Reading Makes You Healthy

21 Mar

Books delight, entertain and challenge us, but did you know there are numerous scientific studies that show reading books also increases longevity, reduces stress and helps prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia? In this infographic, we break down all the scientific data in a fun and engaging way. 




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big words

31 May

I love this!

I didn't have my glasses on....


she’s a big girl of 5 now

and wants 

so desperately 

to read chapter books

all by herself

with lots and lots of pages

 no pictures

no help

flipping through the pages

looking for familiar letters

seeking any word she’s seen before

putting her bookmark in 

taking it out again

opening it

closing it

showing us how thick it is

doing all the things that readers do

so self-assured

‘i can read them all.’

and then 

 her moment oftruth and grace arrives

  as she says

isn’t it funny, there isn’t one interesting word in here?’

there are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world.

love of books is the best of all.

– jackie kennedy

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9-17-2013 7-45-25 PM

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