Book Review: Ruse by Kaley Copely

22911209Title: Ruse

Author: Kaley Copely

Genre: Erotica

Publication date: August 1, 2014


Book Description:

WARNING: This story contains explicit sex.

Asta Everly is one of the wealthiest girls on campus—maybe even the wealthiest.
But as long as people know their place, Asta’s middle name could be bitch—for all she cares.

But lately they’ve attached a new name.
And the frenzy has stuck viciously in her mind.

When there’s no going back, the best consolation she has is to destroy someone else’s reputation—someone not so wealthy, someone untouched—too pure to even hook up one time before saying I do. The girl on campus whose face is smattered over every pathetic, waste of time, good deed, fundraising poster.
She just needs to enlist a game player to even her private score. . .



I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

Ruse is a novella about Asta, Bryson, and Shay, who are all college kids. Asta is a self-centered brat who can’t stand Shay. It’s obvious that she’s jealous of Shay and she wants to hurt her, so she tries to set her up for a big heartache. What ends up happening is what I expected, thank goodness.

I didn’t care at all for Asta, the main character, and because this is a short story, I didn’t really get to know much about Bryson or Shay except that they both seemed like decent people.

Although I didn’t care much for the content of the story, Kaley Copely does have a good writing style. It’s easy to follow and flows well.