Book Review: Bully Boy Blue by John Nicholl

Every aspect of Kathy’s life is dominated by her violent bully boy husband. Now she’s pregnant and in fear for her life. Can she ever escape him?

A dark psychological suspense novella by Amazon # 1 bestselling author, John Nicholl.

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Bully Boy Blue is well written but what a horrible subject. Abuse is┬ásomething that does happen, probably more than we know, and John Nicholl does a good job at making you feel the horror and desperation that Kathy feels. Now that she’s pregnant, she not only fears for her own life but for her baby.

You’ll probably figure out Kathy’s plan before she tries to implement it. But will it work?

Even though this is a novella, it is powerful. It contains physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. I definitely recommend it for adults but because of the subject, I wouldn’t recommend it for children.


About the Author

John Nicholl, an ex police officer, child protection social worker and lecturer, has written three dark psychological suspense thrillers, each of which are Amazon international bestsellers, reaching # 1 in multiple categories in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia, Canada and the USA. John is always happy to hear from readers, bloggers or anyone interested in proposing a joint creative project. He can be contacted via his author website at:




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Short Story Review: Distorted Lullaby by Noizchild Johnson

22910016Title: Distorted Lullaby

Author: Noizchild Johnson

Genre: drama

Publication date: July 31, 2014

Length: 36 pages

About the Book

(from Goodreads)

No one in the small town of Patterson would have foreseen the death of the violent town drunk, Trevor Grey, on Halloween night. When police arrive to investigate his murder, they find his wife, Maureen, sitting far away from Trevor’s body. Obviously, she is the prime suspect in her abusive husband’s murder. The only problem is, she doesn’t remember the events before the police found her. Rookie detective, Gina Torres, takes it upon herself to unlock Maureen’s memories and solve the case. Driven by family pride and tragedy, Gina turned to psychology as a way to help people. She feels that only she can help Maureen silence the “distorted lullaby” in her head and help her stand as a person again.


My Review

I received a free ecopy for an honest review.

Distorted Lullaby is a short story that has a good premise: the death of a man at the hand of his wife whom he had abused for many years. At the end, the wife asks a police officer to share her story and to encourage women not to stay in abusive relationships.

Because the story is so short, there’s not a lot of character development, so I didn’t feel like I got to know the characters very well.

There were grammar errors and a lot of missing words as well as incorrect words. This was an interesting short story so I’m glad the author is in the process of getting her stories edited (see below).


About the Author

(from Goodreads)

8441095My name is Noizchild Johnson and I am a self-published fiction writer. What can I say about myself? I love to write, watch anime, read manga, swim, and indulge in all things Japanese and British. My genres cover erotica, romance, comedy, drama, poetry, supernatural/paranormal, and maybe a little mystery. My stories are usually set in Japan, England, or the US. Music also plays a huge role in my writing.

I am currently in process of editing my previous works for more publishing.