Book Review & Giveaway: How the Wicked Run by Annabelle Lewis

Book Title:  How the Wicked Run (A Boston Clairvoyants Novel) by Annabelle Lewis

Category:  Adult Fiction 18+, 283 pages

Genre: Contemporary Mystery, Thriller with Romance and Humor
Publisher:  PePe Press
Release Date: Oct 2022
Content Rating:  PG13 +M: Lots of cursing, kidnapping, all sex off page, no gore

Destined for Love and Danger

Sidrah Keeling, well-intentioned Boston clairvoyant and stalwart protector of her newfound family of psychics, purchases a country respite hours away from her grand Boston home. Lazy Pond Farm, just outside the town of Macoun, Massachusetts is an enormous fixer-upper, but it perfectly serves her agenda of fostering romance and promoting healing. In that order.

But instead, the group encounters trouble. Fate, as usual, has her own plans.

Macoun—named after the apple—is infested with racists led by a man who harbors terrifying secrets.

Will Jenny, Max, Sidrah, Leon, and Bones—the fabulous five—have the power to change Macoun? Will they be able to rescue those who need saving?

And what about love?

As the fates do battle, so will the lives between the wicked and the good. A twisted thread. Who will break? In How the Wicked Run, romance, mystery, and adventure collide once more for this enchanting family of audacious clairvoyants.

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy from iRead Book Tours. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I had read Dead Cat, Run and Cut and Run and I liked them, so I was happy to review the third book in the trilogy.

Five psychics in Boston found each other and have become a “family.” They truly would do anything for each other. There was a lot of character development in the first book so although How the Wicked Run does stand on its own, I would recommend at least reading Dead Cat, Run first for an even better experience.

The psychics are good, moral people and know they need to help others, so they are constantly battling evil. They are led by Jenny’s visions but one of her visions is personal, and Sidrah is all over it. Jenny works so hard for others, so Sidrah wants this vision to come true so that she’ll have a little time to herself.

Once again, they’re up against evil. Once the murderer/kidnapper is brought to light to the reader, the book gets difficult to put down. The things he does to a “friend” are unfathomable.

I like how seemingly unrelated events eventually tie together. If you’re looking for a good thriller, How the Wicked Run won’t disappoint.

About the Author

Annabelle Lewis is a pseudonym for the author who lives in Minnesota but was raised in Texas. An important distinction for those who understand both states. When you read her work, this diversity will explain a lot. An avid reader since she got her first bicycle and a library card, she discovered the world, first through books. The mother of two children and several furry ones, she stayed home to raise her family, then stopped to take a breath and searched for new worlds to conquer. She found it with writing.

The Boston Clairvoyants novels as well as the Carrows Family Chronicles all take on the battle between good and evil. Vividly portrayed and humorously written, the reader will root for the bad guys to be taken down by the ensemble and recurring cast of characters in each series.

Annabelle considers herself a champion of the screwed over. And a dog lover. And an incredible mom. Oddly, she’s not a good dancer.

Connect with the Author:  Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Pinterest ~Instagram ~ Bookbub ~ Goodreads



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Book Review: The Cellar by John Nicholl

Dark, disturbing and gripping. This is not for the faint of heart.

Nurse. Protégé. Murderer.

Marcus Gove has been all these things. He’s reached the pinnacle of his art and now it’s time for him to take a protege. Lovely Lucy is perfect for the role, or she will be . . .

Artist. Teacher. Daughter.

Lucy Williams is just like everyone else. She’s had some success as an artist, not so much success in love, but she’s getting by. But soon she’s going to have to become something else if she wants to be a survivor.

Detective. Ex-husband. Underdog.

Ray Lewis’s career isn’t heading anywhere. But he’s a solid detective and he’s determined to find Lucy no matter what the upper brass throw at him.

Three people. Ten days. Who will live and who will die?

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

This is the first John Nicholl book I’ve read, but it won’t be the last.

Lucy is an artist who is in a bad marriage and has decided it’s time to end it. Marcus Gove is a serial killer who is obsessed with Lucy and comes up with a ruse to kidnap her because he thinks she’s the one. He enjoys torturing women, and it gets to the point that she’d almost rather be dead.

Detectives work constantly for several days until they finally get a break. But will it be soon enough to save Lucy? The answer is unexpected and one that surprised me.

The Cellar is definitely not for the faint at heart. It’s graphic, a little more than I care for, but it has a strong woman as the main character. She just makes some bad decisions. I liked reading about the detectives and how they worked the case. Overall, it’s a great read.

About the Author

John Nicholl is the bestselling author of numerous psychological thrillers and detective series, previously published by Bloodhound, and inspired by his real-life experience as an ex-police officer and child protection social worker. Boldwood will be publishing the next title in his Galbraith series and a new psychological thriller in autumn 2022, and will be reissuing his bestselling backlist from May 2022.

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Book Review: Replenished by William Michael Davidson

After his wife walks out on him, Charlie Phoenix tries to lick his wounds by purchasing his dream car: a ‘69 Corvette Stingray. It isn’t long before he realizes that the Stingray has the bizarre ability to replenish itself; every time the fuel needle drops below E, he watches in amazement as it slowly returns to F. But the car does more than just replenish gasoline. After driving in it for months, he realizes that his health problems have vanished, and the relationship with his estranged son mends whenever they go for a drive together.

Hoping to use the car for good, Charlie must come to terms with whether such power was ever meant to be placed in the hands of any one driver. And as his life begins to unravel, it becomes clear there is another, darker side to this Stingray lurking beneath the hood—one that utterly terrifies him.

A tale of jealousy, rage, and human frailty, this is a drive along the dark highways of the human heart. Buckle up.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. I had read Doppelganger by the author and liked it, so I was happy to read this book.

This book starts with a man driving with a corpse next to him. He’s running from the police, and he says that it’s the car’s fault. What? Then he begins telling his story from death row…

Charlie’s world falls apart when his wife leaves him after 18 years. Not really because he misses her. He’s just not sure what to do now. So, he buys a classic car, and everything changes. At first, things are better: Charlie gets a girlfriend, his son starts to actually talk to him, and the car can heal people (and his cat) and relationships.

The characters are realistic, and Charlie is well-developed. The others are seen through his eyes so there’s no way to know what they’re feeling or if they’re truthful with him.

Poor Charlie no longer has much control over his life. Once he realizes what is happening with the car, can he get rid of it? Obviously, based on the beginning of the book, he can’t…but there’s more.

If you like horror and/or thrillers, you’ll like Replenished.

About the Author

William Michael Davidson lives in Long Beach, California. A believer that “good living produces good writing,” Davidson writes early in the morning so he can get outside, exercise, spend time with people, and experience as much as possible. He is a writer of suspense and speculative fiction. If he’s not writing, he’s probably at the beach.

Book Review: The Art of Revenge by Joe Giordano

The Art of Revenge, an Anthony Provati Thriller is a riveting chase around the world that will have gritty thriller lovers salivating for more. Action-packed, suspenseful and at times terrifying, a must read for those who like hanging on the edge of the cliff by only their fingers.

The Art of Revenge features two unlikely heroes. Anthony Provati is a jazz pianist, art gallery owner, and sailor, who has a mob boss uncle. Valentina Esposito was orphaned at birth but is rewriting her destiny by becoming a brilliant computer programmer. They undertake a global pursuit of murderous Russian and North Korean operatives to foil a terrorist plot funded by forgeries and the ransom of stolen paintings.


My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I had read three of Joe Giordano’s books and was happy to read The Art of Revenge. It is the third book in the Anthony Pravati series, and it begins with Anthony having to deliver cocaine to make money for close friends who are on the verge of losing everything. Talk about a suspenseful beginning!

Valentina is an orphan who ended up as a prostitute until she was “adopted” by Millie. Anthony knows Millie and once he meets Valentina, they end up in a global cat and mouse game involving deadly Russians, North Koreans, and multiple gangs. Being the nephew of Frank Pravati, a mob boss, has its advantages while they are involved in their pursuits.

The action rarely stops. Anthony and Valentina will be lucky to come out of this alive. There are surprises that I actually realized I was gaping at the words I’d just read. There are also some twists, and I liked how the ending was written.

About the Author

Joe Giordano was born in Brooklyn. His father and grandparents immigrated to New York from Italy. He and his wife Jane now live in Texas.

As a former 3M International Executive Vice President, Joe experienced the global cultures and locations he writes about.

Joe’s stories have appeared in more than one hundred magazines including The Saturday Evening Post, and Shenandoah. His novel, Birds of Passage, An Italian Immigrant Coming of Age Story (2015), and Appointment with ISIL, an Anthony Provati Thriller (2017) were published by Harvard Square Editions. Rogue Phoenix Press published Drone Strike in 2019 and his short story collection, Stories and Places I Remember, in 2020.

Joe was among one hundred Italian American authors honored by Barnes & Noble to march in the 2017 Manhattan, Columbus Day Parade.

Visit Joe’s website at

Book Review: Her Frozen Cry by Carolyn Arnold

The moon shines through the open window, bathing the woman in pale light. Blood-red wine from a shattered glass soaks into the cream blanket beside her, and her dull eyes stare vacantly at the framed photograph in her hand.

When beautiful wife and mother Alicia Gordon is found dead in a remote woodland cabin, Detective Amanda Steele is shocked to discover that she knows the husband. Amanda hasn’t spoken to Tony since she lost the love of her own life seven years ago and seeing tragedy tearing her old friend’s family apart brings back so many painful memories.

Alicia was alone when she died, but she was so young, and Amanda can’t help feeling suspicious. Then she discovers that Alicia’s sleep medication had been tampered with, slowly poisoning her over several days. Amanda wants to trust that the sorrow on Tony’s face is real, but the more she digs into his marriage, the more it seems that he had opportunity, and motive…

Interviewing one of Alicia’s old colleagues, Amanda is shaken to her core when the woman suddenly collapses in her arms, dying in seconds from a lethal dose of the same poison that killed Alicia. But what could link this woman to Tony?

With her partner blaming Amanda for not arresting Tony immediately, she needs to prove that he isn’t the killer, or accept that the second woman’s death could be on her hands. She’s running out of time and leads when she discovers threatening messages sent to both victims. It’s the final clue to unmasking the most twisted killer Amanda has ever come up against, and to stop them she’ll have to risk everything…

A heart-pounding crime thriller perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Robert Dugoni and Rachel Caine.

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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I have read all of the books in the Amanda Steele series. If you decide to read this series, don’t judge it on the first book, The Little Grave. After I read it, I wasn’t too sure how I’d like the series because that first book was more about Amanda’s grief than the mystery she was working on. I did try the next book, and she is dealing with her grief and has been able to move on – as much as you can move on from the loss of your family. She has become one of my favorite Carolyn Arnold characters.

Amanda and her partner, Trent, work well together and have gotten to know each other pretty well. Even though Amanda knows the husband of the victim in the current case they’re working on, she believes that she can be objective. Both Trent and their boss, Malone, decide to trust her judgment and although it’s difficult for her, she deals with it well.

I like how among all the drama that Amanda and Trent still follow procedure for the most part. There is a lot of drama, but the murder that they are investigating is still the main plot. It’s just not a good time for Amanda, Malone, Zoe, and especially Amanda’s former friend, Tony.

There are several suspects that Amanda and Trent need to investigate, and they even have two suspects in jail at the same time. Unfortunately, I figured out the killer quickly. I was hoping I was wrong, but I wasn’t

I definitely recommend Her Frozen Cry and although it stands on its own, you’ll get more out of the story if you read the whole series.

About the Author

CAROLYN ARNOLD is an international bestselling and award-winning author, as well as a speaker, teacher, and inspirational mentor. She has several continuing fiction series and has many published books. Her genre diversity offers her readers everything from police procedurals, hard-boiled mysteries, and thrillers to action adventures. Her crime fiction series have been praised by those in law enforcement as being accurate and entertaining. This led to her adopting the trademark: POLICE PROCEDURALS RESPECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT™.

Carolyn was born in a small town and enjoys spending time outdoors, but she also loves the lights of a big city. Grounded by her roots and lifted by her dreams, her overactive imagination insists that she tell her stories. Her intention is to touch the hearts of millions with her books, to entertain, inspire, and empower.

She currently lives near London, Ontario, Canada with her husband and two beagles.

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Book Review: Ashes in Venice by Gojan Nikolich

A psychopath with size 16 shoes, nursing home hookers and an irreverent Las Vegas homicide detective with a gambling habit set the tone for this off-beat tale of revenge and retribution.

Blackjack addict Frank Savic is deeply in debt and facing family problems when he’s asked to delay his retirement to catch a vigilante killer who murders other murderers in a manner the veteran cop has never seen.

While dead bodies stack up in quick succession, the motorcycle-riding policeman gets reluctantly involved with a desperate mother who will do anything to get justice for her dead son.

Savic, his investigation complicated by a suspected FBI coverup and a prison bribery scandal, is also unaware that the quirky murderer might also be the solution to his own financial and domestic dilemma.

Add the brooding backdrop of Venice, Italy…and a vengeful killer who reads Shakespeare, and you have a teasing psychological thriller where surgical bone saws and spiders are just tools of the trade.

Yes, there are spiders.

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from Reedsy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Detective Savic is about to retire, and this is his last case. He’s looking for who he believes to be a vigilante killing murderers.

The two main characters are Savic and Colt, the murderer he is looking for. Both characters are well developed, and I was able to connect with both of them, even Colt.

Savic is dealing with a mountain of debt and a wife who is in a home because she is sick and losing her memory. His days are taken up with worry about his debt, his wife, and his case.

Colt is intelligent and methodical. He knows what he’s doing, and this is a mission for him. The way he kills his victims is quite different, and I had to cringe at what he did to his last victim, although he deserved it.

There are a lot of characters but they were easy to keep track of, especially since so many of them die along the way (that sounds horrible!). One character that I need to mention is Felicia Mendez, the mother of one of the murder victims, who is determined to find someone to kill her child’s murderer. She’s a bit “out there” and some of her antics were pretty bizarre. She wasn’t my favorite character, but I enjoyed reading about her.

This book needs proofreading. There were minor things throughout, but I have to recommend proofreading when something is distracting. In this case, mister in the lower case, such as “mister Jones” is used often rather than “Mr. Jones.”

Despite the need for proofreading, this was a good read. The description of The Venetian in Las Vegas was spot on, and the descriptions of Venice were great. Although I’ve never been there, I could picture it. There is a lot of suspense, and the murder descriptions are not for the faint of heart. The second half of the book was a page turner and difficult to put down.

About the Author

Gojan Nikolich is a former Chicago newspaper reporter, editor and public relations agency executive. He graduated with B.A. and M.A. degrees in English Literature from DePaul University, served as a U.S. Army sergeant and worked as a journalist in Korea and Japan. He lives in Colorado.

Book Review: Joanna Fields: The Culling by Wolfren Davis

If Joanna Fields can survive a post-apocalyptic wasteland, then keeping her two best friends from foolishly getting themselves killed should be easy. It’s not. Between kidnappers, a new type of undead, plans that all go awry, and a goat with a funny name, the trio might just be in over their heads. Are they prepared? No. Would literally anyone else be more qualified? Most definitely. Are they going to survive? Well, that’s the question, isn’t it?

My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy from Reedsy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

It’s been 30 years since the apocalypse and friends Joanna, Ari, and Jeremiah are in their late teens so they know no other way of life. They are nomadic survivors traveling with a large group who are now on their way to Heaven-Blessed, a community where they can stay. Before they make it to Heaven-Blessed, Ari is kidnapped and taken to Red Valley where the annual Culling occurs when hundreds of undead are killed. Even though Ari is the badass of the group, Joanna and Jeremiah decide they have to save her.

For the first time, Joanna and Jeremiah are on their own when they leave the caravan. Luckily, they aren’t alone for long and have help or they’d never make it. Unfortunately, they’re discovered and end up in Red Valley as well. As I expected, Ari is not happy to see them because she could take care of herself, but now she has them to worry about.

The three main characters are well-developed, and I enjoyed how Joanna and Jeremiah grew in such a short amount of time. It was survive or die for the two of them and they not only survived but thrived. I also liked that they were far from perfect and even a little weird sometimes. There are quite a few other characters, and a list of characters at the beginning of the book would be helpful.

Although there are a lot of post-apocalyptic books out there, this one has its own little twists. Yes, there are undead, but there are also people who were bitten but didn’t die or turn.

This is a quick read that has a lot of excitement, some humor, and even a touch of romance. I enjoyed Joanna Fields: The Culling, and I’m hoping to read the next book, Joanna Fields: Heaven-Blessed, soon. I have to find out what happens next!

About the Author

Wolfren Davis, graduate of ENMU, was raised in beautiful Colorado amongst the colorful leaves of the abundant aspen trees. Despite all the fresh air and endless skyway, she spent all her time tucked into a dark corner with a good book. Her library teacher was heard saying she was relieved when the girl left for college because, on her last remaining days, she’d read all there was to offer. Now she resides in New Mexico with her beloved French Bulldog who, instead of barking like a normal dog, screeches like a seal suffering from the flu, her two cats whose sole purpose is to not let her sleep, and her amazing domestic partner.

Social Media


Twitter: @DavisWolfren

Book Review & Giveaway: Song Girl: A Mystery in Two Verses by Keith Hirshland

Song Girl by Keith Hirshland

Song Girl: A Mystery in Two Verses by Keith Hirshland
Publisher:  Beacon Publishing Group (January 21, 2022)
Categories: Mystery Thriller, Detective/Police Procedural
Tour Dates April and May, 2022
ISBN: 978-1949472400
Available in Print and ebook, 388 pages

Song Girl


Detective Marc Allen is ready to leave the Raleigh, North Carolina, Police Department. Two murders that happened on his watch have apparently been solved thanks to a suicide note confession written by a distraught father. But Allen isn’t buying it. He’s convinced that the man’s adopted daughter, Teri Hickox, is the one responsible for the heinous crimes. With his personal life a muddle and his professional career unsettled he decides the best thing for him is a change of scenery. The detective, now in Colorado Springs, is working new cases and making new friends. One of those friends is Hannah Hunt who, after suffering a freak accident, finds herself only able to speak in song titles. Another is a mysterious drifter who lives out of an old Dodge van and goes by “the champ”. But as Allen builds a new future, events unfold showing him that he can’t escape his past. Song Girl is… Part sequel to The Flower Girl Murder Part stand-alone mystery All entertaining

Guest Review by Sal

Author Keith Hirshland is back with a very singular mystery that has to be read to be believed.

The protagonist of this story, Detective Marc Allen, is a man with a problem. The problem is one Teri Hickox. See, Teri is the daughter of a man who recently confessed to the murder of two people in a case that Allen was investigating.

It all seemed to be pretty open and shut, but here is the hiccup: Allen doesn’t believe that Teri’s father, Hank was the real murderer. Allen believes that Teri was the one who committed the heinous crimes, but since Hank’s confession ends the official investigation, there is nothing that Allen can do to justify looking into it any further.

Frustrated with the lack of closure, Allen decides he needs a complete change of scenery, and ends up taking a job across the country in Colorado Springs at a different police department.

After settling in, Allen is given a case involving a young woman named Hannah Hunt who, after being involved in a strange ice-skating accident, is only capable of speaking in song titles. But was the accident really an accident? And what will the Detective’s reaction be when he discovers that Teri Hickox has actually followed him to Colorado Springs?

These are all questions that you will have to read the book to find out the answers to, and trust me, it’s definitely worth it.

‘Song Girl: A Mystery in Two Verses,’ is a reading experience unlike any other I’ve ever had. Hirshland’s story is one that keeps the reader guessing until the very last page—and makes you want to re-read to see how all of the answers were hinted at from the beginning of the book. This is a five star book that you can sink your teeth into!

About Keith HirshlandSong Girl by Keith Hirshland

Keith Hirshland is an Emmy Award–winning sports television producer with more than three decades of experience producing live and pre-recorded programs that aired on ESPN and ESPN2. Among the first forty people to be hired by the Golf Channel in 1994, Hirshland was in the middle of the action when that network debuted in 1995. He provided his talents for Golf Channel, as its live tournament producer, for two decades. Cover Me Boys, I’m Going In: Tales of the Tube from a Broadcast Brat is a memoir about his experiences in the television industry. Published by Beacon Publishing Group, Cover Me Boys was recognized as the Book Talk Radio Club Memoir of the Year. Hirshland’s second book, and first work of fiction, Big Flies, was published in 2016 and is the recipient of the New Apple Awards “Solo Medalist” in the True Crime Category. Hirshland followed that success with his third book, The Flower Girl Murder. In 2020 Beacon Publishing Group released Murphy Murphy and the Case of Serious Crisis, Hirshland’s third mystery novel. It was a Top Shelf Magazine First Place award winner and was named the Book Talk Radio Club Book of the Year for 2020. Song Girl Hirshland’s fifth book is the sequel to The Flower Girl Murder and was released in January of 2022. 

All five books are available at,  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores.

Keith Hirshland lives in Colorado with his wife and their Pyredoodle Mac. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

Buy Song Girl by Keith Hirshland

Amazon * Barnes&Noble * IndieBound


This giveaway is for 3 print copies. One for each of 3 winners.

This giveaway is open to Canada and the U.S. only and ends on June 1, 2022 midnight, pacific time.  Entries accepted via Rafflecopter only.

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Book Review: Damaged by Pat Herbert

The year is 1958, the place fashionable Chelsea, London. One famous film star commits suicide, and another famous star is run over. An eminent Harley Street plastic surgeon dies under suspicious circumstances.

When a fading film star decides to undergo plastic surgery to help revive her flagging career, it turns out to be the worst decision of her life, culminating in her eventual suicide.

When people close to her, including her former husband, begin to drop like flies, the plot thickens until all the strands come together in the best Agatha Christie tradition.

My Review

I have read several of Pat Herbert’s books and always enjoy reading them. One thing I’ve learned is not to try to figure out where a story is going.

Damaged started out with typical movie stars who had an image to maintain if at all possible. The characters were all so superficial! Lana, Leon Murray, and Victoria were all movie stars and didn’t seem to have any concerns other than what would further their careers.

Their egos led to some twisted relationships which I found interesting. And so many deaths!

There are several twists in this story. Just when you think you have something or someone figured out, you find out that you don’t. I definitely recommend Damaged for anyone who likes a mystery.

About the Author

Pat Herbert lives in London, England and works as an administrator and receptionist at a private health clinic. She worked previously as PA to the Managing Director of Thomson Books before they were taken over by Penguin.  Pat has written nineteen novels to date.

Other novels by Pat Herbert:

The Rev. Paltoquet supernatural mystery series:

The Bockhampton Road Murders
Haunted Christmas
The Possession of November Jones
The Witches of Wandsworth
So Long at the Fair
The Man Who Was Death
The Dark Side of the Mirror
Sleeping With the Dead
The Corpse Wore Red
Seeing Double

The Barney Carmichael Crime series:

Getting Away with Murder
The Murder in Weeping Lane
The Mop and Bucket Murders

Also by Pat Herbert:

Death Comes Gift Wrapped
The Long Shadow
Once You Kiss a Stranger
UnOriginal Sin

“Damaged” by Pat Herbert is available in paperback from Amazon UK at:

This new thriller is also available to download in e-book format at:

Press/media Contact Details:

Darin Jewell (Pat Herbert’s literary agent)
Tel. 0208 292 5163

Audiobook Review: The Cabin Below by N.L. Hinkens

What happens on the water, stays on the water.

Or so they thought. Allison and her handsome, charismatic husband, Doug, are on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. But the steady stream of idyllic photos and happy hashtags they post online is hiding a dangerous rift in their relationship. Allison has long suspected that Doug is having an affair. Despite his impassioned denials and smooth-talking alibis, she’s unconvinced of his innocence and determined to dig for the truth, no matter the cost. And she’s not the only one delving into their secrets. The couple they’ve befriended on the cruise has been watching them. And they’ve come to a disturbing conclusion of their own. When Allison disappears the night before the ship docks back in Florida, they bring their terrifying suspicions to the police.

My Review

I chose to listen to this book after receiving a free audio copy from the author. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

I didn’t care for these relationships. Doug and Allison have a troubled marriage and although they are supposed to be on the cruise to celebrate their anniversary and to move on, it doesn’t seem that either of them truly believes that the cruise will help. Their new friends are also celebrating their anniversary. They profess to have a good marriage but all he does is drink. And then there was the head of security and his girlfriend…there’s not one good relationship!

It took me a little while to get into this book, but I’m glad I stuck with it. The second half was suspenseful with some twists.

The narrator did a good job with timing and pace. I was able to differentiate between men and women but not the specific person, but it worked out fine.

This is the second book I’ve read by this author, and I look forward to reading more.

About the Author

NYT and USA Today bestselling author Norma Hinkens writes psychological suspense thrillers in domestic settings, as well as fast-paced science fiction and fantasy about spunky heroines and epic adventures in dangerous worlds. She’s also a travel junkie, legend lover, and idea wrangler, in no particular order. She grew up in Ireland, land of make-believe and the original little green man. In her spare time she retreats to rural Idaho to hike, bike and boat, but mostly to eavesdrop on mountain men and prepare for the apocalypse. If you like heart-stopping sagas, gritty heroines, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love her turbo-paced thrill-rides! Join her VIP Reader Club for hot new releases, stellar giveaways, exclusive content, behind the scenes and more!