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Book Review & Giveaway: Ghost Owl by Nancy Schoellkopf

4 Dec

Book Title: Ghost Owl by Nancy Schoellkopf
Category: Adult Fiction, 181 pages
Genre: Literary / Women’s Fiction with magical realism
Publisher: Butterfly Tree Publishing
Release date: October 2017
Tour dates: Nov 20 to Dec 8, 2017
Content Rating: PG-13 (There are a few non-explicit sex scenes)


Book Description:

Ghost Owl is a magical story of discovery, as a young woman seeks to understand her potential and confront her own shadow. Mariah Easter wakes up in the middle of the night to discover the world is as bright as noon—but for her eyes only. Urged by her godfather, she embarks on a mission to peer into the dark spaces normally hidden from view, leading her to confront the sinister nature of power, the vulnerability of the ill, and the hidden life of a homeless man: a journey that will bring healing to herself and the man she loves.

This compelling and inspirational tale, the third installment of the Avian Series, invites the reader to ponder the extraordinary treasures hidden in the ordinary events of daily life.

To read reviews, please visit Nancy Schoellkopf’s page on iRead Book Tours.


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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. I had read Red-Tailed Hawk and Yellow-Billed Magpie and I was looking forward to reading another book in Nancy Schoellkopf’s Avian series.
Mariah’s story began in the Red-Tailed Hawk. Even though this is a continuation of her story, this book can definitely be read as a stand-alone. It is quite a bit stranger than the first two books which just had a touch of fantasy.
Mariah disappears one day after she realizes she has some kind of new power. She tries to figure out exactly what is going on while at the same time, her roommate, mom, stepbrother, and godfather are all trying to find her.
Mariah’s journey has revelations but at the same time, it was confusing for me. There are still things that I’m not quite sure about. I did like how it ended but I enjoyed the first two books in this series better.


 Meet the Author


Nancy Schoellkopf is the author of the Avian Series of novels including Yellow-Billed Magpie and Red-Tailed Hawk, as well as the short story collection Rover and Other Magical Tales. She has been telling stories and writing poems for many lifetimes. It goes without saying that she’s needed a second income, so this time around she happily taught amazing children in special education classes in two urban school districts in Sacramento, California. A full time writer now, she enjoys lavishing attention on her cats, her garden and her intriguing circle of family and friends.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Pinterest ~ Instagram


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Book Review & Giveaway: Beyond Forever by D.D. Marx

1 Dec

 Book Title: Beyond Forever (Book #3)

Author: D.D. Marx
Category: Adult Fiction, 200 pages
Genre: Chick-Lit
Publisher: Beyond Dreams Publishing
Release date: December 2017
Tour dates: Oct 16 to Dec 22, 2017
Content Rating: PG 13 (Light sex scenes/not explicit; language (couple f bombs)

Book Description

Just as their life is seemingly back on track, Finn McDaniel’s gets news that sends him into a tail-spin. He is faced with the prospect of losing Olivia Henry forever. He immediately turns to Dan, Olivia’s deceased best friend, who is her loyal and constant guardian angel from the beyond, imploring him for his help. In the midst of all of the chaos a special package is delivered that changes their lives forever.

While Finn is determined to grow his restaurant to new heights by chasing after the coveted Michelin Star, it is Olivia who finally sees her dream come to fruition in a way never thought possible. Finn is determined to support Olivia through her shocking breakthrough and even has a very special surprise up his sleeve that she never sees coming. Just as their plan is set in to motion and they settle in to their new normal, they have an earth shattering encounter. In that moment it is revealed that they have much more than just a spiritual relationship with the beyond.

To read more reviews, please visit D.D. Marx’s page on iRead Book Tours.


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 Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble


My Reviewx

I chose to read this book after receiving a free e-copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. I had read Beyond Believing and Beyond Love and enjoyed them so I was looking forward to seeing what happens in the next stage of Olivia and Finn’s journey.

Olivia and Finn are having a baby! Of course, nothing is easy with them but they eventually receive the joy that comes with having a baby. As usual, Olivia and Finn face challenges but they are good at overcoming whatever is thrown at them, especially with the excellent support system they have.

Beyond Forever is one of those books in which I felt like I was reading about old friends. I liked the ending and I’m looking forward to read more books by D.D. Marx.




Meet the Author


D.D. Marx is a contemporary romantic fiction writer and blogger, as well as a lover of all things social. She is a graduate of the University of Dayton, as well as the Second City program in Chicago, where she currently resides. A proud aunt and self-described hopeless romantic, Marx has always had a knack for humorous and engaging storytelling. Her pen name is a dedication to her beloved friend Dan, who continues to guide and inspire her in her daily life.

Connect with the Author: Website  ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Pinterest





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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Red-tailed Hawk by Nancy Schoellkopf

17 Apr

When Mariah Easter encounters a large hawk in her urban midtown neighborhood, her father Charlie is concerned. He can see a wild and mystical path opening before his daughter, a path he himself would never be able to resist. The hawk soon reappears: engraved with its twin on a golden thimble that has been an Easter family heirloom for generations. After the thimble is stolen at a funeral reception, Mariah and her mother Samantha set off on a road trip to find it, a journey that will bring healing to the grieving family and change Mariah’s life forever.

Red-tailed Hawk is a coming of age story, the tale of a young woman’s quest to discover the source of her own longing and to understand the mystical legacy of her family.


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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. I previously read Yellow-billed Magpie and was happily surprised to realize that Red-tailed Hawk has the same characters several years later.

Yellow-billed Magpie was about Samantha’s journey and Red-tailed Hawk is about her daughter Mariah’s journey when she is 17 years old.

Samantha was married to Mariah’s father, Charlie, and when Charlie dies, the family has to learn how to deal with his death. They each have their own way of coping but Mariah ends up on a journey and learns a lot about herself. I don’t like how inconsiderate she is, though, of her mother’s feelings.

The characters are interesting and Nancy Schoellkopf does a good job at portraying them like real people, each with flaws and each with strengths. I especially liked how all of the relationships grew in such a short time while everyone was grieving.

I definitely recommend Red-tailed Hawk if you like women’s fiction with a touch of fantasy. It’s the second book about this family but can easily be read as a stand alone.





Author’s Bio:

Nancy Schoellkopf is the author of Yellow-billed Magpie, the first in her Easter Family series. Nancy has been telling stories and writing poems for many lifetimes. It goes without saying that she’d need a second income, so this time around she has happily taught amazing children in special education classes in two urban school districts in Sacramento, California. A full time writer now, she enjoys lavishing attention on her cats, her garden, and her intriguing circle of family and friends.


Connect with the author:    Website  ~   Twitter  ~   Facebook




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Book Review: Truths Not Spoken by Pamela T. Starr

13 Apr

Single mother Laura Walters had her life under control. She had a jewelry business, a generous best friend and a careful watch on her nine-year-old daughter, Emily. Then, Emily is seen on national television with Vic, the man who could tear their world apart. With one thirty second news clip, Laurel’s life turns into a tailspin. The paparazzi chase her. Two men from her past want her: Vic is a former lover. Kyle a former friend. They both know her secret, and either one could ruin the careful life Laurel built for herself and Emily.

Faced with no other option, Laurel turns to Kyle to protect her and her life with Emily. But just as Laurel and Kyle are beginning to trust each other, they learn of shocking betrayals they each have been hiding. Some secrets are made to be broken. Some secrets never should be. But how does Laurel learn which ones are which? Truths Not Spoken is the debut novel by promising new author Pamela T. Starr. It is a must-read for every woman who balances her dreams of love with a man with the needs of her child. Truths Not Spoken shows readers that yes, dreams can come true.


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My Review

I chose to read this book after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

Truths Not Spoken is about just that, secrets that the characters in this story keep from each other. I became a little frustrated with these people because they caused each other so much pain by keeping secrets. One person would finally come clean and the other one would be upset with them when they were keeping their own secrets! The most frustrating person was Laurel. I don’t know how many times I wanted to just shake her and tell her to calm down. I understand that being a single mom can be scary when you don’t trust the father (been there, done that), but she was constantly jumping to conclusions.

There was some decent drama here and there but I couldn’t really get into any of the characters except for Kyle, Laurel’s old friend. He really tried to help Laurel all he could. Even her daughter Emily didn’t have any qualities that really stuck out. She was a typical nine-year-old who Laurel did a great job raising, but like everyone kept telling her, she really needed to get to know her father.

Truths Not Spoken won’t grab you and knock you over the head but if you like a drama that moves at a good pace, and you don’t mind a little frustration, this is a good read.


Author’s Bio


Pamela T. Starr has been recognized as an outstanding new author with a promising future. Truths Not Spoken is the first in her Shifting Sands series, all set in her home state of Florida.

An accomplished trainer and public speaker, Pamela has motivated more than 60,000 people at live presentations and workshops. She has also logged more than 30 hours of live national television appearances.

Pamela is inspired by the two men in her life. The one she mothers is still young enough to be excited by life and the many opportunities he discovers. The one who is her life-long partner is old enough to know that life is an adventure and he embraces it every day.


Connect with the author:  Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook    





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Audiobook Review: Fling by Lily Iona MacKenzie

3 Mar


When ninety-year-old Bubbles receives a letter from Mexico City asking her to pick up her mother’s ashes, lost there seventy years earlier and only now surfacing, she hatches a plan. A woman with a mission, Bubbles convinces her hippie daughter Feather to accompany her on the quest. Both women have recently shed husbands and have a secondary agenda: they’d like a little action. And they get it.

Alternating narratives weave together Feather and Bubbles’ odyssey. The two women travel south from Canada to Mexico where Bubbles’ long-dead mother, grandmother, and grandfather turn up, enlivening the narrative with their hilarious antics.

In Mexico, where reality and magic co-exist, Feather gets a new sense of her mother, and Bubbles’ quest for her mother’s ashes—and a new man—increases her zest for life. Unlike most women her age, fun-loving Bubbles takes risks, believing she’s immortal. She doesn’t hold back in any way, eating heartily and lusting after strangers, exulting in her youthful spirit.

Readers will believe they’ve found the fountain of youth themselves in this character. At ninety, Bubbles comes into her own, coming to age, proving it’s never too late to fulfill one’s dreams.

Available on Amazon.


My Review

I chose to review this audiobook after receiving a free copy. All opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased.

While listening to the first quarter or so of Fling, I wondered how I was going to get through the whole thing. The more I listened to it, though, the more it grew on me. Not only did Feather and Bubbles make things interesting, but some strange things were happening and they didn’t seem to think anything of it!

The characters in Fling! are compelling. Bubbles is 90 years old and is quirky. Her daughter, Feather, is in her fifties and has always been unconventional. The two of them taking a trip to Mexico makes for an interesting story, especially once they get the ashes of Bubbles’ mother who died many years ago. When Bubbles’ mother, Heather, and her grandparents show up in the flesh, Bubbles and Feather think nothing of it.

Feather, Bubbles, and Heather take turns thinking about the past. It got a bit confusing for me at times because I was listening to the audiobook and I couldn’t just flip back a couple pages to see who was talking at the time. They all did have interesting experiences in their pasts.

The narrator, Anna Crowe, did a good job narrating. Her voice was clear and pleasant. 

I definitely recommend Fling! It starts out slow but it end up being a good, different story.


About the Author

5414100 A Canadian by birth, a high school dropout, and a mother at 17, in my early years, I supported myself as a stock girl in the Hudson’s Bay Company, as a long distance operator for the former Alberta Government Telephones, and as a secretary (Bechtel Corp sponsored me into the States). I also was a cocktail waitress at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, briefly broke into the male-dominated world of the docks as a longshoreman (I was the first woman to work on the SF docks and almost got my legs broken), founded and managed a homeless shelter in Marin County, co-created THE STORY SHOPPE, a weekly radio program for children that aired on KTIM in Marin County, CA, and eventually earned two Master’s degrees (one in Creative writing and one in the Humanities). I have published reviews, interviews, short fiction, poetry, travel pieces, essays, and memoir in over 150 American and Canadian venues. Bone Songs, another novel, will be published in 2017. Freefall: A Divine Comedy will be released in 2018. My poetry collection All This was published in 2011. I also taught writing at the University of San Francisco for over 30 years, and I blog at https://lilyionamackenzie.wordpress.com.




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Book Review: Daughter of Mine by Laura Fabiani

20 Jun

5820919Title: Daughter of Mine by Laura Fabiani
Genre: Contemporary women’s fiction, 204 pages
Publisher: iUniverse
Published: Sept 2008
Content Rating: G

Book Description

Tiziana Manoretti is an only child in her late twenties blessed with loving parents, a promising career, and a best friend who fiercely protects her. When her mother falls seriously ill and the relationship between her parents becomes suddenly strained, a carefully hidden family secret is revealed and Tiziana’s seemingly idealistic world is turned upside down. After discovering she was born in a Naples orphanage and subsequently given up for adoption, Tiziana sets out for the small town of Gaeta in an attempt to find her birth parents. Meanwhile, her best friend Christopher is sending her mixed messages, causing her to wonder if there is more to their relationship than just companionship.

As she becomes intertwined with a handful of interesting characters who help her uncover her past, Tiziana needs to decide whether her feelings for Christopher are deeper than she realizes. She discovers herself and others all while her family’s resilience and love for one another is tested when confronted with a shocking truth. The answers lie in a box found in a closet in Italy, and Tiziana must determine if she wants to embrace the heartache and the pain from her past in order to learn forgiveness and find peace in the future.

Buy the book: Amazon


My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

Daughter of Mine is about Tiziana, a successful single woman who finds out that she was adopted. She has some difficulty with the fact that her loving parents kept this secret from her for 27 years. She decides she’d like to know more about her birth parents and travels to Italy with the little information her father provided her with.

I enjoyed following Tiziana’s journey as she makes new friends and finds out the truth about her birth. There are a few surprises along the way and within a few short days, she changes the lives of many people. Best of all, she finds love while she is there.

I like Laura Fabiani’s writing. She has a gift for describing the scenery and the people of Italy. I definitely recommend Daughter of Mine.


About the Author

(from Goodreads)

2632999My name is Laura Fabiani and I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I’m an author, book reviewer and blogger since 2009. My reading tastes vary greatly and I read both fiction and non-fiction. I review adult, YA and children’s books, since I love reading to my children. I review books for pleasure and learning. I prefer books free of profanity, explicit sex, violence or paranormal themes. I post my reviews on my blog Library of Clean Reads, Goodreads, and Amazon.

As of January 2014, I have started iRead Book Tours in collaboration with Author Marketing Experts. I now coordinate virtual book tours for authors. Find us atwww.iReadBookTours.com.

I have a degree in Special Care Counseling and have worked as a psychiatric child counselor and as a special education technician at various institutions. I hold a diploma in Writing for Children and Teenagers and an advanced certificate in TESOL from the Canadian Institute of English. I am currently working in a community centre developing and implementing adapted programs for senior’s with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. I am married to a wonderful man, have two children and I’m trying to write my second novel. It’s a busy life!

Book Review & Giveaway: In the Context of Love by Linda K. Sienkiewicz

11 Apr


About the Book

What makes us step back to examine the events and people that have shaped our lives? And what happens when what we discover leads to more questions?

Angelica Schirrick wonders how her life could have gotten so far off-track. With two children in tow, she begins a journey of self-discovery that leads her back home to Ohio. It pains her to remember the promise her future once held and the shattering revelations that derailed her life.

Can she face the failures and secrets of her past and move forward? Somehow she must learn to accept the violence of her beginning before she can be open to life, and a second chance at love.

Buy the book:   Amazon   Barnes & Noble

My Review

I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.

In the Context of Love begins with Angelica taking her kids to visit their father, Gavin, who is in prison. It then goes back to Angelica’s teenage years and how she met and fell in love with Joe, the love of her life. After Joe disappeared, her life was filled with bad choices: drugs, men, and finally an abusive relationship. When she’s finally had enough, she returns to her hometown and tries to straighten out her life.

This story reads like a letter from Angelica to Joe. It didn’t add anything to the story for me but it wasn’t distracting either. It was a fast read, though, and it flowed well. 

In the Context of Love is filled with heartache, drama, and consequences of the characters’ choices. There are also a couple surprises along the way. If you like women’s fiction, you should get this book.





About the Author

2016-04-10_19-26-49Linda K. Sienkiewicz is a published poet and fiction writer, cynical optimist, fan of corgis, tea drinker, and wine lover from Michigan. Her poetry, short stories, and art have been published in more than fifty literary journals, including Prairie Schooner, Clackamas Literary Review, Spoon River, and Permafrost.

She received a poetry chapbook award from Bottom Dog Press, and an MFA from the University of Southern Maine. Linda lives with her husband in southeast Michigan, where they spoil their grandchildren and then send them back home.

​Connect with the author:   Website   Twitter   Facebook



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Book Review: Two Tales of the Moon by Jennifer Sun

21 Mar


Title: Two Tales of the Moon

Author: Jennifer Sun

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publication: October 8, 2015


Two Tales of the Moon is set on 2009, and America’s economic interest in China is increasing at a rapid pace, along with China’s ambition to become a superpower. A high-profile, joint-venture deal between two U.S. and Chinese cyber technology companies has unforeseen consequences as Will Donovan meets Lu Li—and life as he knows it is never the same again.
Will is a native New Yorker and ex-Navy cyber-warfare specialist who has built a prosperous cyber-security business. Lu Li’s life was one of terrible strife as she escaped her home country’s communist regime at the age of thirteen and swam to Hong Kong and to freedom. She made it all the way to the United States and is now a successful Wall Street investment banker.
They meet as the cyber technology companies merge. They meet and realize their orderly worlds of hard work and legality don’t apply in this new high stakes game of corruption and deceit. From Washington, DC, to New York to Shanghai, Will and Lu Li face moral and ethical dilemmas and make personal choices that could change their lives forever.


My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest.

Two Tales of the Moon is about two women who are friends with very different backgrounds. It’s during a time when there are lots of layoffs on Wall Street and, at the same time, there is growing economic interest in China. Lu, who is an investment banker, ends up meeting Will, an entrepreneur, through her friend, Sage. Will is Sage’s brother and his company is considering making a deal with a Chinese company and it just so happens that Lu works at the bank that is involved in the merger. There is a lot of information about China and American business relations and, more importantly, how life was in China in the sixties.

The characters are well developed. Through their memories, Lu and Sage’s pasts are brought to light. They are both complex, professional women, both in their forties and both with issues to work out. Lu, especially, has a lot to deal with but she does so with grace. She also has the support of Sage and Will, which helps. 

Anyone who likes women’s fiction will like this book. I also found the Chinese history interesting. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Purchase on Amazon.


About the Author

14554078Jennifer Sun has a MBA from George Washington University and a B.A. in English Literature from Fudan University in Shanghai,China. She has held several executive financial management positions at Fortune 500 companies in telecommunication and web technology industries. She currently writes full time and lives with her husband in Vienna, Virginia.

Book Review: December Wedding by Emelle Gamble

13 Mar

23601024Title: December Wedding

Author: Emelle Gamble

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Publication Date: November 22, 2014


About the Book

(from Goodreads)

A Christmastime novella to complete the saga of two people who have struggled for a long time to be together…

The final act…you met actress Molly Harper and her one-time love Cruz Morales in DUETS. You watched them battle the press, their families and one another in MOLLY HARPER. Now together again and expecting a child, will the love story of Molly and Cruz end with a happily ever after, or will all the old problems of family, fame and temperament once again rule the day? Join the Harper, Sullivan, and Morales families for more than one surprise in DECEMBER WEDDING.

Available on Amazon.


My Review

I received a free copy of the audiobook for an honest review.

I had listened to Molly Harper which is women’s fiction and is full of drama and heartache. I was happy to listen to December Wedding about Molly and Cruz to see what was in store for them.

It was nice to read about Molly and Cruz living as close to normal as possible. There was still some drama but it had a lot of smiles and a good ending.

Emelle Gamble’s writing is easy to follow and flows well. I had the audiobook and the narrator, Caroline Price, did a good job. I was able to distinguish all of the different characters.

If you like women’s fiction, I definitely recommend  December Wedding but keep a box of Kleenex handy.


About the Author

(from Goodreads)

7123746Emelle Gamble was a writer at an early age, bursting with the requisite childhood stories of introspection which evolved into bad teen poetry and attempts at ‘real literature’ all copies of which she has since, very sensibly, shredded. She took her first stab at romantic fiction in an adult education writing class when her kids were in bed, taught by fellow writer Carolyn Haines, in Mobile, Alabama. As M.L. Gamble, she published several romantic suspense novels with Harlequin. She is now contracted with Soul Mate Publishing for Secret Sister, summer of 2013, and Dating Cary Grant, an early 2014 release.

Always intrigued by the words ‘what if’, Emelle’s books feature an ordinary woman confronted with an extraordinary situation. She most enjoys reading stories that surprise and amaze her, and hopes her readers will enjoy the challenging and exciting journeys her characters take.

Emelle lives in suburban Washington D.C. with her husband, Phil, her hero of thirty years, and two orange cats, Lucy and Bella. Her daughter, Olivia, and son, Allen, are happily launched on their own and contributing great things to society, which has always been their mother’s fondest wish.

Book Review: If…Lost or Found by Jackie Mae

10 Mar

If Lost or Found banner

If...Lost or FoundTitle: If…Lost or Found
Author: Jackie Mae
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 72
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance/Paranormal

Traveling abroad, Sabrina’s grand adventure is about to change. Needing to go home and rectify the wrongs that are hovering ever constant around her, she finds herself thrust into a whole new set of truths she must confront. What if she had chosen differently? What if she had followed her parents’ guidance? Acceptance, freedom, being a worldly woman, had all seemed so important. Now, however, her path will lead her into the unknown. On her own, she must confront her fears head-on. When she meets “dream man,” she dares to hope, but life has its own plan. Is she strong enough for what destiny has in store for her? What will the cost be this time?

For More Information

  • If…Lost or Found is available at Amazon.


My Review

I received a free ecopy of this book for an honest review.

This isn’t the easiest review to write because the first half of the book was slow and I was thankful it wasn’t very long. The second half, however, kept my interest so well that I didn’t put the book down until I was done.

Sabrina is a different kind of person and some of that is because of how her life has unfolded but she also seems to be a little “off.” After taking a few years to party overseas, she comes home and settles down, going to school working and living alone. She doesn’t really have close friends or family since her parents died.

Once “dream man” comes into the story it gets more interesting. Is he truly as perfect for her as she thinks? If not, will she find out in time?




“If,” could mean different things to different people. If—I were a better person. If—I were rich, thinner, or prettier. If—I were black, white, Asian, male or female, shorter or taller. If—I had been born to a different set of parents. If—I had more friends. If—I had a better job. If. That one little word can take you places or make you crazy…

“I used to. Now I live on the other side of town,” he stated.

Why? “Why do you drive out of your way, just to come here? There must be a dozen places you could eat at that are closer.”

“None of those places have you.”

She felt like a sinkhole had just swallowed her up and she found it hard to breathe. “Me?”

“Yes. You.”

Sabrina might have acted differently, if she hadn’t known. But, she did know, and that made all the difference…

Sabrina worked the third shift Friday and Saturday nights at Mike’s Dine-In Café & Carryout. She also worked part-time at R&P Insurance Company Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8 to 2, all while finishing up her degree in Meteorology. She would be getting her B.S. Although she knew she would eventually need her Master’s to secure a good paying job, she figured getting a lower paying job in Meteorology would be infinitely higher in pay than either of her present jobs, and more than both jobs combined.

She was in her last semester. It had been quite the struggle. She remembered vividly all the details from the last four years. She often wondered what would have been different if she had stayed home and went to school. Would things have been different if she had heeded her parent’s wishes? All those lectures from Mom and Dad haunted her. They had practically begged her to go to college right after graduation. They had even offered to pay for it, because they all knew her grades were not good enough to secure a scholarship. It wasn’t that she was a bad student; she just had ‘learning deficiencies,’ as mom put it, that her teachers didn’t understand. Try as she might, she couldn’t conform to the rest of her classes’ learning techniques.

Her parents had told her to apply for financial aid, that, if needed, they would pay her way. But there was a big, bold, world out there waiting for one Sabrina A. Jeffries and she had wanted more. It would be thrilling. No more little town that didn’t understand her needs. The mere idea that she would be making her own decisions, living as she designed, making her own mark on humanity, was compelling. It was as if the world had been waiting for her to grow into her own—waiting for her to fulfill her destiny. For this group of people, called her hometown, she bitterly thought they disparaged her spirit. There was no doubt in her mind, she was meant for a grand adventure.

She rationalized the notion of taking one year off to ‘live and learn,’ to really find herself, to explore all the possibilities that life had to offer, and then she would come home and start school, as was expected of her. No amount of ‘talking to’ or censure would dissuade her.

She had promised her parents no more than one year. But one year had led to two, then three, then four. Four long years had gone by in a flash and she found herself missing both her parents and hometown. She was now a woman; a learned and experienced woman of the world. She had traveled extensively throughout Europe.

Her very first stop was in the beautiful country of the Netherlands. She lived there for about the first six months. Those six months, really five months, twelve days, and about seven and a half hours, had been a real eye opener. It had been the first place in a long line of places she landed without much of a plan or care.

Sitting at a little outdoor café beside the rail station in Rotterdam, Holland, Sabrina was busy sifting through her purse for a map. Looking for lodging, she was already having second thoughts about her rash plan to find a place to stay when she saw a place she liked.

A good-looking, tall, dark man with wavy hair interrupted her thoughts when he sat down at the table. This was a suave, super cool, good looking man, and he was looking at her, smiling. He wore a leather jacket with the lapels turned up and tight dark pants. His shoulder length jet-black hair and green shaded eyes made him the best eye candy she’d seen in a good long while. No one in her hometown looked like this. No one. Looking at him resulted in an electrification of the senses. Heat had been rising right there in the middle of the town square; it was a new and thrilling experience for Sabrina.

About the Author

Jackie MaeJackie Mae is an award-winning author. She writes in several genres including new adult, women’s fiction, contemporary romance, paranormal, mystery/thriller/suspense, science fiction, and juvenile fiction for the middle grade.

In the “If…” series, what-ifs will be taken to a whole new level. What if you knew your future? What if you could change your destiny? What if you couldn’t? Faced with choices, what would you do?

In addition to the “If…” series, she also writes a series called, THE DARKEST SERIES, which chronicles women who struggle with their new found psychic abilities while trying to stop an invasion.

Jackie Mae’s children’s chapter book series, A Taylor and Alan Adventure, is co-authored with her young granddaughter, Alison Taylor. In the Taylor and Alan Adventures, where faction meets fiction, you will meet Taylor and Alan a sister/brother duo, who are called on to help the good wizards of the land. Artfully weaving rich history into the story, it instills the concept of being mindful and respectful of the environment while appropriately thrilling the young audience. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Caitlin Dunbar Nature Center to help support Girl Scouts. This juvenile fiction series for the middle grade is sure to please readers.

Jackie also finds time to volunteer within her community. “Giving back is a big part of who I am.” When she is not volunteering she is writing, gardening, or spending time with her grandchildren.

Her latest book is the New Adult/contemporary romance/paranormal, If…Lost or Found.

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